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Efficient & effective market research reporting

Created for market research & customer experience professionals.
From Cross Table to PowerPoint to Online Dashboards.

Companies all over the world are transforming their market research reporting with Dapresy Pro. Whether you’re a small or large market research agency or a researcher at an enterprise, we can help you find the right solution for efficient production and effective reporting. Our flexible pricing model can be tailored to meet your exact needs. Get started and achieve your goals today!

Smarter Data

Make your data work for you. Connect to and automatically import market research data from any source into an intuitive platform. Easily and rapidly create the reports you need. Dapresy natively reads file formats such as SPSS and Triple-S.

Beautiful stories

Smarter data lets you build beautiful, dynamic portals that bring your story to life and give it meaning. A comprehensive range of design tools gives you total flexibility to present customized, elegant, and persuasive reports. All in a mode of collaboration where teams can access and exchange findings.

Ad Hoc production

Save time and increase efficiency using the Cross Table and Chart Creator tool that accesses your raw data natively. Further increase efficiency using the template library, where you can easily create and save your own templates to be reused on other projects.
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Brand Tracking

Track KPIs on a global level, filter by country, segment, or competitor. Quickly respond to market changes or assess effectiveness of campaigns. Powerful functionality to manage time series data.

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Customer Experience

Monitor customer satisfaction, identify successes, and isolate weak spots, whether small business or multi-national, follow up and resolve issues with ease.

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Mystery Shopper

Comprehensive mystery shopping functionality lets you combine data, images, and videos into one dynamic dashboard

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Syndicated Reports

Build once, then generate 100s of individual reports for maximum flexibility and efficiency.

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Dapresy Pro vs. BI tools

Dapresy Pro: a market research native platform
BI Tools: requires customization
About Data Capture
  • Connects to MR data collection platforms, automatically handling meta data and MR data structure with ease.
  • Colors automatically defined by brand, competitor, chart type, and table – all by default.
  • Needs specific APIs to connect to individual data sources, struggles with MR specific data structures
  • Doesn’t natively handle SPSS, Triple-S or MDD/DDF files.
About Data Management
  • Easy weighting and aggregation of data into nets. Control data by sample size, anonymity, and/or stat testing.
  • Limit results shown by number of responses, all as standard.
  • Cannot handle variable sample sizes, weights, compute variables or nets and subnets easily.
  • Learning curve is out of reach for the average user.
About Data Visualization
  • Build, store, and re-use report templates, speeding export to PPT, using your own or client’s template.
  • Automatically update customized views with new data.
  • Large team of data processors, statisticians, and visualization experts required to reproduce Dapresy Pro’s native functionality.
About Dashboard functionality
  • Freeform dashboard with same flexibility as PPT, but online and interactive.
  • Changes to filters and calculations often require assistance from IT/scripting experts to achieve similar results

A few words from our clients

Dapresy provides us with a powerful data visualization tool, it understands research data at its core.

Chris Atkins, Managing Director at Populus Data Solutions

When I learned that Dapresy could work directly on respondent-level data, I felt like I found the golden ticket.

Jayne Krahn, VP Research

Our tool needed to be intuitive and visual, so anybody could use it.

Denise Brien, Sr. Director of Consumer Analytics

No other tool offers the visualization AND provides the hands-on table tool.

Randy Wahl, Chief Research Office

Having the ability to not just show a chart but to tell a story in an infographic style really resonates well.

Scott Luck, SVP

With Dapresy, it now takes us only a short time to turn performance from bad to acceptable.

Sören Lundgren, NPS Analyst SEB