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Market Research Reporting Made Easy

Created for market research & customer experience professionals for efficient production & effective reporting.


Transform your Business Today

Companies all over the world are transforming their market research reporting with Dapresy Pro. Whether you’re a small or large market research agency or a researcher at an enterprise, you need the right solution for efficient production & effective reporting. Our flexible price model can be tailored to meet your exact needs. Get started and achieve your goals today!

Dapresy Pro is a Unique, Complete Reporting Solution
that Provides Flexibility & Choice

Easily connect data sources

Specifically designed for market research data. Easily import raw survey data via seamless API or FTP scheduled uploads. Works with all major survey platforms and

Access Connect
Access rich functionality

Weighting, meta data cleaning, computing variables, nets and more – 100’s of built-in features.  Changes populate throughout the system and automated data refresh provides efficiency in continuous study reporting.

Experience Configure
Choose your option

Deliver through standard cross tables, PowerPoint, PDF, or choose interactive infographic dashboards. Our templates library speeds production time to quickly make visual impact.

Explore Reporting
Custom views by user

Easily customized for each users’ needs – from C-Level to store managers to marketing teams. Online reporting provides comprehensive access rights and dynamic filters allow for 100’s of views.

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Dapresy Pro Helps You Meet the Unique Needs of Your Business

Only Dapresy Pro offers deep functionality to support all types of market research projects – all in one platform. Whether your focus is on brand and marketing, customer experience, syndicated research, or if you specialize in healthcare, finance, retail or hospitality, our solutions enable organizations to act on their data – faster and with greater confidence.

Streamline Ad Hoc survey report production by using our built-in template library. Easily create & save templates to be reused in your other projects. Efficiency gains up to 40% are documented.

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Integrate time-series survey data with other data streams such as sales, social media & advertising spend to create one chart or dashboard view.  Automatically update reports with each new wave of data.

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Create engaging customer experience portals tailored to your needs.  Start with a simple dashboard, then add “closed-loop” feedback and further enhance with text analytics – all in one view.

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Create reports that show group results in context. Compare across department scores, company averages and industry benchmarks.  Control access to data on individual and question level.

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Create more effective reports by combining survey results with mystery shopping videos or images to show cause & effect of different behaviors – all in one dynamic

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Our efficient In-memory technology generates millions of unique report options from large data sets in a matter of seconds. Easily deploy visually engaging unique dashboard access to different stakeholders.

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When I learned that Dapresy could work directly on respondent-level data, I felt like I found the golden ticket.

Jayne Krahn, VP Research

Our tool needed to be intuitive and visual, so anybody could use it.

Denise Brien, Sr. Director of Consumer Analytics

No other tool offers the visualization AND provides the hands-on table tool.

Randy Wahl, Chief Research Office

Having the ability to not just show a chart but to tell a story in an infographic style really resonates well.

Scott Luck, SVP

With Dapresy, it now takes us only a short time to turn performance from bad to acceptable.

Sören Lundgren, NPS Analyst SEB

There were four things we liked in the product -
the data repository, the cross-tab solution, the infographic solution and the charting solution.

Patrick Diamond, Managing Director
Blog Dapresy – More Than Dashboards

You may know Dapresy for our infographic dashboard capabilities. Yet, you may not know that “what is under the hood” is an engine with core MR capabilities that make day-to-day ad hoc production much easier and more efficient.

Feb 12 | blog
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Blog Being relevant and making an impact – it’s worth the effort and investment!

Making an impact, being an influencer and achieving a solid ROI are goals market research and customer experience professionals strive for. Yet insights leaders say that “it’s tough out there”, because budgets continue to be reduced, resources are dwindling, talent needs have changed and there is precious little time in the day to think about ways to innovate.

Feb 2 | blog
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News Dapresy Welcomes New Investor

Dapresy, a global provider of visual data reporting software, today announced that it has received the support of a new investor, Verdane Capital IX, a Nordic private equity fund, to further develop its information visualization and reporting software.

May 17
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Webinars Create engaging market research dashboards that will wow your audience

Is your audience truly engaged with the insights you are sharing? Are these reports effectively answering marketing or customer objectives? Are the results making an impact on your business? If not, then you’re not achieving the full ROI on the research you are conducting.

Dec 4
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