Current page: A day in the life of Europe’s busiest airport

A day in the life of Europe’s busiest airport

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As Europe’s busiest airport, Heathrow generates an enormous amount of data from its various customer experience trackers, data which must be gathered, processed, and delivered to specific business stakeholders as quickly as possible if it is to have real business value.

To achieve this, it’s crucial to have a solution that is powerful enough to handle all the inputs, while flexible and intuitive enough to present them to individuals in a report format which allows them to quickly gain insights and take action.

Heathrow Discovery, a solution developed by Dapresy, allows individual users to access all raw data as it appears, filtered according to need. This unique data model is specifically developed for market research data structures, providing a wide range of capabilities when reporting or generating guided analytics.


Let’s take a look at some individual examples:

Mr. W – Head of Security
On a monthly basis Mr. W looks at the QSM Departures NPS scores, then focuses on the security page to review the trend scores on the metrics for his area. On a quarterly basis he may also review the 4 security questions in the ASQ study to compare LHR against other airports.

Mr. X – Head of Comms
Each month Mr. X focuses on the SQR/KPI section of Discovery, as the metrics here are the ones upon which the business is measured in terms of performance against industry targets. Failure to meet these can result in penalty payments, so it’s crucial that the information is presented without delay.

Mr. Y – Chief Analyst
Mr. Y keeps an eye on the main satisfaction metrics across the dashboard, but using the tabulation tool within each section of the study, he’s able to drill down a little further into the data, testing hypotheses about Heathrow’s customers and their opinions.

Mr. Z – Head of Marketing
Mr. Z may focus on the overall satisfaction metric and then look at the ‘Our Passengers’ section, monitoring the changing profile of the passengers passing through the airport. This information is vital in the formulation of future marketing campaigns.


We can see that each of the stakeholders is focusing on specific areas of the metrics, but that for these metrics to have meaning they need to be interpreted in the context of all of the data. Dapresy’s solution allows for on-the-fly reporting which can make sense of this raw data goldmine, allowing stakeholders to focus on the areas which add meaning to their role.

To learn more about Dapresy Pro’s unique data handling and reporting capabilities, read on 

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