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A View from Dapresy Down Under

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A View from Dapresy Down Under

Heath Adams describes himself as a classic early adopter of anything in technology – and ruthless in ensuring it drives efficiencies and cost savings for the business. He sees research and consulting being enormously disrupted, and wants to be at the forefront of the movement.

That is why Heath joined Dapresy in 2015 to open our new branch office in Brisbane, Australia. Below are his thoughts on how data visualization is revolutionizing insights and report delivery in his area of the world. 

Data Visualization is on the Rise

Since launching Dapresy into the Asia Pacific market, I have seen a significant increase in the need for data visualization tools. Our growth is a testimony to this trend.
Companies in Australia, New Zealand and Asia understand that to properly derive insights from data, the information needs to be delivered both creatively and analytically. This need requires something different than a typical delivery method and Dapresy combines creative delivery and analytical delivery into one powerful platform.  Companies are taking notice and signing on to Dapresy!

Having a Local Presence is Key

With most head offices overseas, Asia Pacific clients value a local contact for sales, delivery and technical support. This requirement was an important consideration for us. From day one, we set out to create a strong regional office, one that supports all aspects of the client relationship. Having the same time zone that services clients is a critical element of our offer.

All areas of Marketing are demanding innovation in information delivery

Researchers are continually looking for better and more effective ways to present survey results. At the same time, marketers require a better way to internally communicate the customer story. It is this combination that is driving interest in data visualization in the APAC region.

It is not just research agencies that are our clients.  We are seeing a significant increase in Enterprise Marketers requiring a faster and better way to deliver results. Encouragingly, researchers are responding to this and are now strongly considering how their information will be delivered during the research design phase.

Companies in Australia, New Zealand and Asia are also embracing the concept of ‘storytelling.’ Therefore, creative design is a very important component of our delivery. All dashboards that are designed and built for our clients are unique and visually engaging.

Looking to the Future

I am looking forward to our team continuing to provide our existing clients with a great solution, ongoing support and positive customer service that they need to do their jobs more efficiently. This is my passion and I’m very excited about our future.

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Heath has been working for Dapresy since 2014. He is passionate about innovation that engages and drives efficiencies.

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