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Deck building quicker than ever

We’re excited to announce our upcoming webinar on October 1st at 11:00AM EST, where we take a detailed look at our new StoryCreator. In this webinar you will get the chance to learn more about our new one-of-a-kind deck building capabilities. We’ll run through tips and tricks for getting your PowerPoint decks up and ready […]

Sep 12, 2019
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Say hello to Jilliane!

Find out more about the people who bring Dapresy’s products to life… Jilliane, can you introduce yourself? I’m Jilliane Friel and currently the Vice President of Customer Success and Project Solutions at Dapresy North America. My main focus is on client experience and helping our teams deliver the best service they can through continuous improvement […]

Jul 8, 2019
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Meet Anton!

Find out more about the people who bring Dapresy’s products to life… Anton, can you introduce yourself? I started working at Dapresy 4½ years ago after I completed my university studies in industrial engineering and management. My first role was as project manager, which gave me the chance to learn about the market research industry, […]

Jul 8, 2019
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Customer Experience Dashboards
Finally, a CX solution just for market research

Customer CX expectations present a growing problem for Market Research Agencies So, you need a Customer Experience reporting solution that fits your needs – but what should you be looking for? The market is crowded with a huge range of Customer Feedback Management platforms, offering a dizzying array of functionality. However, when it comes to […]

Jun 28, 2019
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Engine Insights’ journey towards a superior customer experience

Engine Insights specializes in assessing their clients’ customer experience maturity and suggesting improvements. In this case, they chose Dapresy Pro’s innovative dashboards integrated with sophisticated closed-loop feedback, creating fast, actionable reports for genuine business value. To see how Dapresy has helped other businesses get a CX edge, watch the video or why not get in […]

Jun 27, 2019
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CarFix3000 – driving value with dashboards

In this example, we showcase a dashboard example designed for CarFix3000, a car repair shop that strives to maintain high customer satisfaction ratings. CarFix3000 has a loyal base of customers. They have 18 auto repair locations in four states in the southeast region of the US. Their focus is on Express Repair and Maintenance services […]

Jun 26, 2019
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‘MyStories’ – a whole new way to share your data

We’re excited to announce our upcoming webinar on June 4th at 11am EST (5pm CET), where we take a detailed look at the power and flexibility of Dapresy’s ‘MyStories’ module. MyStories allows report users to configure personalized dashboard views for online presentation or download to PowerPoint. Flexible and intuitive, MyStories is the perfect tool for […]

May 25, 2019
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Dapresy Populus Data Solutions
Simplicity Meets Power – leveraging technology for business value

About Populus Data Solutions Populus Data Solutions (PDS) provides state-of-the-art data capture and delivery solutions to market research clients and enterprises working with market research data – all through solutions that remain true to the ethos of robust survey research. PDS is a part of the high-profile UK-based market research and polling organization, Populus. The […]

May 23, 2019
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Delivering value – the right data to the right people at the right time

“If a tree falls in the forest and there’s no one around to hear it, does it make a sound?” In other words, data is defined by its purpose. For it to have meaning – to generate value – it needs to be read. The volume and quality of the data is only relevant if […]

May 23, 2019
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