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And the winning dashboard is….

Recently the Dapresy team hosted an internal competition amongst its employees to see who could create the most engaging and impactful brand tracking dashboard. All 70 employees (included biz dev, marketing and IT) were given the same set of data and were encouraged to use their creativity to push Dapresy Pro’s functionality to its limits. We interviewed the winner, Almasa Kulenovic, read more..

Mar 6, 2018
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Dapresy Canada Team – Growth and Innovation in Market Research Reporting

It should not be a big surprise that Dapresy is growing in Canada with a new office in Toronto. Dapresy’s VP, Jonathon Ware comments: “Toronto is not only Canada’s largest and fastest growing market research hub but is also the home to Amazon (tech hub Toronto), Salesforce, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and many other leading online technology and SaaS companies.

Feb 27, 2018
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Dapresy – More Than Dashboards

You may know Dapresy for our infographic dashboard capabilities. Yet, you may not know that “what is under the hood” is an engine with core MR capabilities that make day-to-day ad hoc production much easier and more efficient.

Feb 12, 2018
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Being relevant and making an impact – it’s worth the effort and investment!

Making an impact, being an influencer and achieving a solid ROI are goals market research and customer experience professionals strive for. Yet insights leaders say that “it’s tough out there”, because budgets continue to be reduced, resources are dwindling, talent needs have changed and there is precious little time in the day to think about ways to innovate.

Feb 2, 2018
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Digitalizing the MR Industry –
Predictions for 2018 and Beyond

Over the next couple of years, the market research industry will undergo a significant restructuring phase.
New actors in the industry, that offer end-to-end technology solutions, will win ground for those types of research methods that can easily be simplified and streamlined and, that don’t require devoted consultancy services.

Jan 17, 2018
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Why I Founded Dapresy – Creating a Better Way for Market Research Reporting

About 20 years ago, I started my career in the market research industry at a fieldwork house. As a CATI programmer, I took pride in delivering data in files that were clean, easy to understand, and in a format, that was ready for an analyst to utilize.

Nov 9, 2017
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Avoid These Common Pitfalls that Put Your ROI of Insights at Risk

Companies nowadays have unlimited access to an ever-increasing amount of data sources, making it easier and faster for managers to base their business decisions on facts. However, this vast array of available data also poses some challenges.

Nov 8, 2017
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Dapresy Solutions Showcase – StayLux Hotel

In 1999, I was inspired to create a data reporting tool that could natively configure and visualize raw market research data. In a series of blog posts, I am going to share my findings related to Market Research Reporting. In this first blog post, I will set the scene by simply sharing the below video. […]

Oct 13, 2017
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Dapresy Pro: Market Research Reporting Made Easy

Transitioning from a manual data reporting process to an automated, interactive dashboard is one of the best decisions market researchers can make. A properly constructed dashboard can increase the effectiveness of your market research reporting while also reducing production time (i.e. costs!). However, for some, this transition can be a little intimidating. But it doesn’t […]

Sep 27, 2017
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