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Access & Security

Web Application Security

We take information security very seriously. Security checkpoints and techniques are applied right from the start of the development process to ensure the confidentiality of your data is preserved. Security tests are performed after every major release of Dapresy Pro. These tests include port scans, checking for weaknesses in encryption ciphers, known Windows and IIS security flaws, checking for application weaknesses against OWASP lists and a wide range of penetration tests.

User Access

The Dapresy Pro application requires users to be logged in to access any data. All interactions with the system are logged and stored separately, allowing us to see which user visited which page.


Dapresy Pro is only available via HTTPS using TLS 1.2 protocol, while weaker protocols like TLS 1.0, TLS1.1, SSLv2, SSLv3 have been disabled.


Dapresy Pro stores user passwords as hashed strings with SALT. This makes it impossible for anyone, including Dapresy Pro, to retrieve the passwords as readable text.


It is possible to apply IP filtering at all levels from individual projects, the whole application or the server to control access if required.

Hosting Partners

Each data center that Dapresy partners with provides top industry security measures and many of them are compliant with various certifications, assurance programs or third-party verifications like: ISO9001, ISO27001, SOC2, SOC3, FIPS 140-2, CDSA, SSAE16, etc.


Our high security data center partners utilize electronic surveillance and multi-factor access controls. Data centers are staffed 24/7 and access is authorized strictly on a least privilege basis. Environmental systems are designed to minimize the impact of disruption to operations.  There is 24/7 closed circuit monitoring of all areas and all entrances are controlled with an access control system to ensure only authorized entry.


A standard WAN-DMZ-LAN architecture is the norm for all Dapresy data centers. The IDS/IPS system at the data center logs everything and provides notification of suspicious activity to Data Center staff.

Single Sign On (SSO) Access

Support for standard protocols for authentication such as SAML 2.0 and JWT allow for the use of a company’s Intranet log-in credentials to access the Dapresy Pro solution reliably and securely. Sophisticated integrated solutions can be built upon request to make user management simple and safe reducing the need for additional passwords and user names.

Data Backup

Dapresy performs backups on both web servers and database servers. Web servers are fully backed up each week with 3 incremental backups every week. Databases are fully backed up weekly, with daily differentials and kept for 8 weeks. Backups are performed off business hours. All backups are stored on a raided SAN device and secured from unattended access.

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