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And the winning dashboard is….

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Recently the Dapresy team hosted an internal competition amongst its employees to see who could create the most engaging and impactful brand tracking dashboard. All 70 employees (included biz dev, marketing and IT) were given the same set of data and were encouraged to use their creativity to push Dapresy Pro’s functionality to its limits.

Employees were asked to vote on two main factors: 1) data visualization and 2) ability to convey the data story. The top five dashboards were selected, and a smaller group chose the winner.  Almasa Kulenovic, a Dapresy Project Manager, was selected as the #1 dashboard winner. What is so exciting is that Almasa had been with Dapresy for less than 2 months when the competition commenced.  That is how quickly she was able to learn the software and create a sophisticated dashboard.  That is our goal for all new users of Dapresy Pro!

Almasa says:

“I have been a Dapresy employee for a few months, and I can honestly say that I am very happy to be a part of this company. It is incredible to see how much attention everyone gives to improving our product’s features and strengthening our internal professional competencies.

This competition, as well as our internal training, are evidence of Dapresy’s desire to provide the right on-boarding and training tools to get up to speed quickly. It’s important for us to understand the needs of our customers and to see our product from their perspective so that we can offer the best solution that meets their expectations. These are the very essentials of becoming an expert in the business.

People wonder if someone who is completely new in the business, with less than two months of working in the Dapresy Pro software, could manage to create a dashboard that meets all of the requirements (functionality, layout, and aesthetics) to win the competition? The answer is yes! It’s absolutely possible with the right training and tool in your hands!

It’s so great to see how many different dashboards our team created using the same data file. Thank you, Dapresy, it’s great to be a part of company where even a newbie can be the winner!”

Congratulations to Almasa for her well-deserved win!

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Beth Rounds joined the Dapresy team in 2017 with many years of experience in the market research industry. She is passionate about building brands where innovation, technology and research connect.

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