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Be a Data Super Hero with Dapresy’s Cross Table Tool

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One of the most valuable views of your market research or customer satisfaction data are via data tables. Tabulated data have stood the test of time because if you know how to read it, model it, work with it, the value of the data itself will be revealed in its analysis.

So, what’s wrong with how we currently extract and use data tables? For one, the job of running data tables is usually entrusted on to someone who must extract the data from its source. It’s a tedious and time-consuming task and most importantly due to its complexity you can be left with greater room for error.

Here’s the usual process and as the saying goes, “rinse and repeat as needed”

  • Prepare your tab plan while the study is in field.
  • Send your tab plan, questionnaire, data map and preliminary data to processing team or vendor
  • Wait …
  • Data Processing team sends back preliminary tables
  • Market Researcher reviews them and likely requests edits
  • Study comes out of the field and final data file sent to data processing team
  • Researchers define weights if applicable and send along (possibly with additional analysis)
  • Within 48 hours (or longer) data tables are shared back
  • Begin your analysis and insights delivery

I think you get the picture.  But, it doesn’t have to be this way!

With Dapresy’s highly rated Cross Table Tool, you pre-define tables while the study is in the field using our easy-to-use drag and drop interface. You are able to analyze any variable from your entire dataset, create unlimited banners or splits, automate calculations and set up advanced statistical tests to be run all on-the-fly. Any number of data weights can be setup while the study is in field using our advanced RIM weighting module. All features in Dapresy’s cross table tool can be automated and saved as templates and/or as individual favorites. Most importantly, you can pick and choose which tables to share or just keep for yourself!

Why is it beneficial having a modern Cross Table Tool accessible within the same market research software as your data visualization and data presentation tool? Simple, it vastly improves process and workflow minimizing errors and re-empowers the researcher. Your time is limited, and your clients want high quality data – faster.

Some core features of Dapresy’s  Cross-Table Tool:

  • Run basic to advanced on-the-fly queries setup via our Drag and Drop interface.
  • Group questions together in Blocks for easy navigation
  • Run by data by any interval
  • Restrict data access by setting up variable subsets or hierarchies
  • Automate advanced analysis and statistical testing
  • Filter your data sets
  • Use net brands, top boxes etc
  • Derive new variables on the fly
  • Save and re-run your tables without rebuilding them
Take a look at our latest video, presented by Dapresy’s CEO, Tobi Andersson.


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