Current page: C-Suite: The New Face of Customer Experience Management

C-Suite: The New Face of Customer Experience Management

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The Evolution of the C-Suite

Global organisations have begun to embrace the benefits of the C-Suite roles. Back in the day, top leadership was the responsibility of a few general managers, but over the years, the C-Suite managers have grown more and more. The C-Suite is likely to continue evolving as organisations become more focused on functionality within departments such as sales, finance, customer experience management, and more.

This group was dubbed the “C-Suite” since most managers typically feature the word “chief” in their title. In large businesses today, these positions have collectively doubled since the 1980s, according to one authoritative study. However, this trend is not just a matter of numbers – it’s also about composition. In C-Suites today, the functional specialists include chief financial officers, chief marketing officers, chief human resources officers, and more. Take a look at the below image to understand the evolution of the C-Suite.

The research suggests that having these functional specialists has sharpened companies’ capabilities. Areas such as information, technology, marketing, finance, human resource, sales and innovation are now managed by specialised professionals that all share the C-Suite title. The main key to ensuring that these roles are effective is proper integration and communication.

The Emergence of the CCO

In the last year, we have witnessed the emergence of a new C-Suite manager: The Chief Customer Experience Manager (CCO). This role has emerged due to the many companies that have become more and more customer centric. The key role for CCO’s is to focus on and improve how companies manage their customer experience. They capture the customer’s voice and ensure it is well-heard amongst the internal stakeholders.

In March, Charles Trevail published in the Advertising Age that the CCO role is on the rise. The role’s rise could be directly related to companies’ increased focus on their customers and customer experience. It’s essential for CCO’s to have the best tools possible to manage, distribute, and take action on customer experience. We encourage all CCO’s to use Dapresy’s enterprise feedback system – Enfesys™ – which provides a true 360° view of every customer. To learn more, contact us today.

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