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calculating weights in dapresy

TUESDAY TIPS BY THOMAS: Calculating Complex Weights

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Calculate weights in Dapresy to cut time. From standard to complex weights – setup once and have it automated for future reports and analysis.

Calculating weights in Dapresy is easy and it saves you time. Both standard target weighting and R.I.M. weighting methods are supported. The great news is – the process becomes totally automated after the initial setup.

By calculating the weights in Dapresy, instead of outside, you streamline the process and reduce work. It is especially useful if you need to add weights or adjust any of the weight targets. All of these needs are solved with a few clicks.

What’s more, Dapresy is not limited to basic weighting – more complex weighting is supported, as well. In addition to defining the weighting method, you could also:

  • Apply “filters” to the weight calculations to, for example, setup different weight targets per country in a multi-country survey. (See image below.)
  • Select within which period the weights should be calculated. You can use all data in the project as the base or weight the data within specified intervals such as weeks, months, quarter or years. This option makes it easy to even automate the process of continuously running projects like brand trackers.
  • Apply smart logic to rescaling weights in case the actual distribution for a target has zero respondents.

EXAMPLE: Weight table when the RIM method is used. The target distributions are setup individually per variable (Age and Gender in this example) and Country has been used as filter, which allows different targets per Country.


An additional perk of using Dapresy to calculate weights is that a project can contain multiple weight variables. So, if for example you need both weekly and monthly weights in a tracker, you can easily achieve that in Dapresy.


Tuesday Tips by Thomas are prepared by Product Manager Thomas Palmér. He is a long-standing member of Dapresy’s Team and knows our platform inside out. The tips are designed to highlight features in Dapresy that make your market research analysis, insights and reporting even easier.

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