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Five Modes of Transport, One Data Hub

Five Modes of Transport, One Data Hub: How Transport Focus uses Dapresy

With different modes of transport, come many different surveys. Transport Focus traditionally had differing data delivery platforms for each survey. The surveys are run and provided by different research agencies, resulting in a multitude of potential formats. Discover how it uses Dapresy to deliver data via one central hub.

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GlobeScan Reduces PowerPoint Tracking Study Production Time by 40 Percent

Learn how GlobeScan used Dapresy to report on its longest-running custom tracking study for a global corporation and cut PowerPoint report production time by 40%.

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Trifecta Research Produces Reports 4x Faster with Dapresy

When Trifecta Research won the client account of a Fortune 500 building materials firm four years ago, it also inherited that firm’s cumbersome method of producing yearly wave-over-wave trending reports via Excel. Now, with Dapresy it has dramatically increased efficiency of production and effectiveness of reporting. Find out how.

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How Engine Insights used Dapresy’s dashboards to radically improve customer experience

Engine Insights specializes in assessing their clients’ customer experience maturity and suggesting improvements. In this case, they chose Dapresy Pro’s innovative dashboards integrated with sophisticated closed-loop feedback, creating fast, actionable reports for genuine business value.

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Keeping passengers happy at Europe’s busiest airport

With 80 million passengers a year, Heathrow airport faced a major challenge – how to turn their goldmine of CX feedback into business decisions, quickly and intuitively. With Dapresy’s help, they implemented a streamlined, efficient reporting solution that radically cut the time from data to action.

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The importance of providing the right person with the right results in order to drive change

Johan Laudon – Founder and CEO at Market Direction – highlights how his clients are very satisfied with Dapresy’s presentation of results and the flexible customization for users. As NPS-experts working in global markets, shortening their time to deliver has allowed them to invest the savings to help their clients with their strategic work and effectively drive change.

Populus provide their clients with cutting edge data visualization solutions

Chris Atkins – Managing Director and Darren Sack – Data Visualisation Manager at Populus Data Solutions talk about their work with Dapresy. Their clients needed a solution that allows them to share the data in a meaningful, time efficient manner and across global stake holders. The dashboards through Dapresy Pro are a great way to do that.

Dapresy Offers Comprehensive and Flexible Software Reporting

The team at MMR is a passionate group of forward thinking experts providing customized, decision-focused marketing research since 1999. Learn how they worked with their client Academy Sports, to rebuild a tracking program from the ground up, that was flexible enough to support a range of reporting needs.

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Efficient Data Reporting Greatly Increases Skandia’s Decision Making

HowCom, an insights-driven media agency, worked together with Skandia, one of Sweden’s major insurance and banking providers, to minimize cumbersome manual processes of compiling tracking and reporting marketing data. Now, data from five web and server data sources is integrated into one easy-to-understand dashboard to give them the latest, most accurate information for decision-making.

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M/A/R/C Research slashes time to build by 50% with Dapresy

M/A/R/C Research, a marketing research and consulting firm, looked at a number of software platforms to help them to efficiently build online dashboards while also having the ability to download PPT reports. They reviewed a number of options and chose Dapresy. Learn how M/A/R/C  is delivering reports 50% faster using Dapresy Pro!

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LRW delivers efficient brand tracking through Dapresy

LRW (Leiberman Research Worldwide), a full-service, global market research agency, were in need of a better, simpler way of reporting their brand tracking studies. Leaving the lengthy PPT decks behind, Dapresy worked directly with them to create eye-catching and actionable dashboards. LRW was able save hundreds of hours of work and significantly reduce their delivery times to clients.

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Oath’s consumer analytics & research group unlocks value of market research through configurable insights

Today’s clients want to know with confidence that when they spend money with OATH, they will achieve results. Discover how OATH used Dapresy, a visual and engaging business intelligence system, to meet their business objectives, unlock valuable insights, and win their clients’ trust.

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BioInformatics Creates a New Offering With Dapresy

BioInformatics LLC, operates the world’s largest market research panel of 85,000 medical and scientific professionals who use advanced instrumentation and supplies in their laboratories. Learn how their customers are wowed with the power of interactive dashboards and how Dapresy Pro reduces time-to-market from five weeks to one.

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Dapresy’s dashboards give Kantar Media the efficiency needed to enter new markets

Kantar Media needed to deliver insights on thousands of respondents in annual and biannual syndicated studies. Their team struggled to create customized dashboards for their clients’ needs spending weeks editing, copying and pasting massive amounts of information. Read how Dapresy increased the efficiency of their business by automating and dynamically visualizing their data, and allowing them to efficiently enter many new markets!

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Populus and the forty dashboards: Dapresy rises to every challenge

Since 2012, Populus has created 40 Dapresy Pro dashboards for many different customers. One of them was so impressive that Populus (and their research agency partner Red C) won the 2015 MRS Operations Award in the category ‘Best Data Solution’ for project for Aer Lingus.

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Kantar TNS Gallup enages Dapresy consulting services and delights telecom client

Kantar TNS Gallup, the largest research company in Norway, has been using Dapresy to help with their data dashboards and reporting needs since 2012. Recently, they needed to rapidly improve the data load process as well as create single-sign-on links for a specific client. Discover how Dapresy provided an easy solution, and saved Kantar TNS Gallup two weeks of tedious, time-consuming work by enhancing their data load process.

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Turnkey intelligence partners with Dapresy to create sports industry’s first national research network

Dapresy enabled Turnkey Intelligence to create the sports industry’s first national research network that is used by more than 200 professional and collegiate marketing, operations, and other departments. Turnkey Intelligence, an industry leading provider of market research for sports and entertainment, was able to work with Dapresy to build a custom dashboard that is affordable, easy-to-use, secure, fast, and allows for creative control. The custom dashboard revealed key insights into collegiate athletics ticket sales and left Turnkey Intelligence and their clients extremely impressed.

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Leading Nordic bank quickly improves branch performance with Dapresy marketing dashboards

Leading Nordic bank and financial services company, SEB, operates in 20 countries to deliver a range of services to its customers. When SEB approached Dapresy for a tool that automates their rolling customer experience survey, which tracks the quality of around 100,000 interactions with its customers each year, Dapresy was able to quickly deliver a solution that fit their needs. The Dapresy Pro online marketing dashboard allowed for information sharing across 165 branches of the SEB estate in a short of amount of time.

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