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‘My Stories’ – a whole new way to share your data

Dapresy is proud to announce our proprietary MyStories module that allows dashboard users to easily configure personalized custom views of the information. The MyStories module allows Report Users to configure and customize data into their own personalized views for online presentation or easy download to PPT. Report Users can easily filter and save customized report […]

Dec 12, 2018
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Smarter distribution of customer data. Be selective – add value

We live in the era of big data, gathering more and more information about customer habits, likes/dislikes, and trends. The challenge is “What do we do with it all?”. Thinking in straight lines Traditionally, data has been distributed by either focusing on a single study optimized for a specific use, or, distributing the data to […]

Dec 11, 2018
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Why I Founded Dapresy – Creating a Better Way for Market Research Reporting

Read about how Dapresy all began from our very own CEO and co-founder Tobi Andersson!

Sep 7, 2018
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“Killer” Customer Satisfaction Program in 7 Steps

7 Steps to make a killer customer satisfaction program that take your reporting to the next level

Sep 4, 2018
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Storytelling and data visualization…
So what?

At Dapresy, we are very good at empowering our clients to communicate complex data in easy to understand ways. Our software enables this through the use of story-telling, and the use of infographics.

May 14, 2018
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Be a Data Super Hero with Dapresy’s Cross Table Tool

One of the most valuable views of your market research or customer satisfaction data are via data tables. Tabulated data have stood the test of time because if you know how to read it, model it, work with it, the value of the data itself will be revealed in its analysis.

Apr 18, 2018
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Five Steps to Eradicating Boredom and Eliminating Data Overload

At first sight, designing a dashboard looks easy. Just select some charts and graphs from the library, adjust their settings, add some filters, apply some stats and you are ready to distribute information to all your decision makers. But that begs a few questions. Will it really encourage users to make the most of their data? Will it be enough to motivate them to and new insights? Will it help them to make smarter decisions?

Apr 4, 2018
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And the winning dashboard is….

Recently the Dapresy team hosted an internal competition amongst its employees to see who could create the most engaging and impactful brand tracking dashboard. All 70 employees (included biz dev, marketing and IT) were given the same set of data and were encouraged to use their creativity to push Dapresy Pro’s functionality to its limits. We interviewed the winner, Almasa Kulenovic, read more..

Mar 6, 2018
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Dapresy Canada Team – Growth and Innovation in Market Research Reporting

It should not be a big surprise that Dapresy is growing in Canada with a new office in Toronto. Dapresy’s VP, Jonathon Ware comments: “Toronto is not only Canada’s largest and fastest growing market research hub but is also the home to Amazon (tech hub Toronto), Salesforce, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and many other leading online technology and SaaS companies.

Feb 27, 2018
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