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Leadership Team

Our leadership team has deep expertise in market research and a passion for fundamentally improving data visualization.

Torbjorn Andersson
CEO and Co-Founder
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Tobi’s knowledge and passion for technology and marketing research resulted in the birth of Dapresy and the growing success of the global company. Tobi co-founded Dapresy in 2003 and began paving the way for online data presentation systems to visualize market research data. Today, he has grown Dapresy into a company that not only provides a platform for insights for everyone, but is leading the industry in technology innovation for market research and customer experience management.

He has dedicated his professional career to data visualization and is a recognized expert in the field, having consulted with hundreds of companies on innovative visualization processes.

Rudy Nadilo
President, North America
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Rudy’s forward-thinking, leadership approach ensures that Dapresy is always striving to out-do itself as the most adaptive and visually engaging reporting software in today’s market. Rudy inspires and motivates all team members to solve our clients’ reporting challenges while keeping them satisfied and educated on Dapresy’s newest advancements. He is the driving force behind the thriving North American headquarters that has exponentially grown since it was founded in 2013.

Rudy has deep experience in the market research and insights industry, and was one of the leading forces behind the inception of online research. He is a regular speaker at industry events, sharing his passion for Dapresy and our vision.

Fredrik Osterberg
President, Europe
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Since 2003, Fredrik has managed large teams of client and project managers, data processors, developers and designers. He shines in his ability to lead and mentor diverse teams and consult with clients on their reporting challenges.

As the newly appointed General Manager of Dapresy Europe, he continues to manage EU operations while focusing more time to client development and consulting. He is regularly seen at conferences and asked to speak at customer events.

Alexander Skorka
Chief Product Officer
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Alexander is highly experienced in the market research industry and is an expert in information visualization and delivery. He has a passion for showing customers how they can maximize the benefits of Dapresy’s product portfolio and how they can take full advantage of extracted insights.

Alexander has been working with Dapresy since 2014, and continues to provide outstanding intuition and knowledge of the growing industry of online dashboards and reporting. His previous work as TNS Managing Director for visual communication, data visualization, and presentation design brings tremendous value to the vision and mission of Dapresy.

Emir Smajic
Chief Technology Officer
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Since joining in 2007, Emir has lead software development for the company’s flagship product, Dapresy Pro. Along with managing the product development and IT teams, Emir sets the company’s technology strategy by actively planning and implementing short and long term goals.

With his deep knowledge of the product and our customers’ needs, Emir continues to provide innovative, easy-to-use applications to the market.

Henrik Joelsson
SVP, Global Accounts
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As Chief Innovation Officer at Dapresy, Henrik provides excellent and timely project delivery for clients. With his expertise in technology product management, deep understanding of statistical databases and market research, Henrik plays an integral part in the success of Dapresy’s deliverables.

Not only is he an expert in Dapresy Pro, but his consulting skills in discovering client needs and providing a working solution are highly valued.

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