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Dapresy Dashboards Utilized in Georgian College

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Earlier this week, Dapresy’s Solutions Architect, Jonathon Ware, visited Georgian College of Applied Arts and Technology in Toronto to teach 40 post-graduate students in the Research and Analytics Program how to build and utilize dashboards using Dapresy Pro.

As a recognized leader in practical, hands-on learning, Georgian wanted to educate their students on how to use modern technology and inform the post graduates on the efficiencies these tools bring to the industry. Each of the students will be starting their summer co-ops soon, and many will be joining businesses where Dapresy is already deployed as their online reporting solution.

The students received no training ahead of time, and in fact, a percentage of their overall grade was based on each student’s ability to build a dashboard in class. With that being said, they all achieved this grade along with the eagerness to leverage Dapresy as they enter their new co-ops!

This is the fifth semester in a row that Jonathon has introduced Dapresy Pro to college students at both Georgian College and Sheridan College’s post graduate research programs, and he continues to receive great feedback. Dana Winkler, Professor of RAPP said: “Thanks for once again coming and sharing Dapresy with us! It’s always such a great success, and the timing couldn’t have been better this year for the students!”

Jonathon shared with us:

“I have come to realize while meeting, speaking and educating (and listening) to this next generation of technology embracers, that the companies hiring these keen entrepreneurs need to remember 3 things to be successful in their jobs:”


#1. Embrace Intellect – It’s not always about working hard, it’s also about working smart. Encourage your next generation of staff to learn new ways of doing old things with the end goal of working more efficiently. This often includes leveraging software that embraces intellect and automates any redundant and error-prone manual processes.

#2. Embrace Technology – Be advocates of new technology. When companies hire new graduates, they are looking for fresh eyes and new skills. The purpose is to provide their business with a competitive advantage. Don’t put your new hire to work in an antiquated setting. Instead, set them up for success. Ensure you apply their skills in a technology setting where you embrace the millennials innate ability to quickly navigate and learn new software.

#3. Embrace Opportunity – Leading associations are talking about bridging the gap between the past and the future. Companies who pride themselves on being cutting edge or new thinkers but don’t follow through on these promises, always leave a bad taste in everyone’s mouths. Embrace opportunity, focus on reinvention and evolve the opportunities that are right in front of you. When brining in new talent, listen to them, brainstorm together, and aim to reinvent your business. These individuals truly will change the world we live in!

In appreciation of Dapresy’s commitment, Georgian College will also be making another donation to an annual scholarship to be presented to a deserving student.

We are regular speakers at industry and client events, and within university settings. If you would like to talk to us about how we can support your educational initiatives, please contact us today.

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