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Dapresy Knowledge Week

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DAPRESY KNOWLEDGE WEEK: 30-min sessions of powerful learnings

No better time to learn than the present. That’s a running principle, but especially true in today’s remote world.

With the aim of gearing you up with knowledge, we’ve prepared a series of webinar sessions deep-diving into different skills and Dapresy features. Super compact, these 30-min sessions will give you the tools for deeper insights and more efficient reporting.

Click on one of the listed topics to jump to more details and registration:

  1. 1. Insights for Business Growth – Time for a Skills Revolution
  2. 2. Correlation Analysis: The Highs & Lows to Deeper Insights
  3. 3. Significance Testing: The Quick & Easy Way
  4. 4. Dashboard Creation: The Power of Templates
  5. 5. Data-driven Benchmarks in just a few clicks
  6. 6. How to Design a Meaningful Dashboard
  7. 7. Many Users, Just One Dashboard: Comprehensive Access Right Management
  8. 8. Helping our Clients Succeed via Project Services
  9. 9. Ad Hoc Reporting from A to Z
  10. 10. Step-by-step: From Data Source to Dapresy


April 20th | 7:00h PT 10:00h ET 16:00h CET

Insights for Business Growth – Time for a Skills Revolution

In the current environment Insights teams are having a tough time. Even before the COVID-19 crisis, Confirmit research found that many insights programs were struggling to demonstrate business impact. Now, more than ever we need to support our organizations in delivering sustainability and business growth. It’s time for an insights revolution.​

But what will drive the revolution?​ Like any revolution – it’s about people. More specifically, the skills you have in your insights team.​

In this webinar, Claire Sporton, SVP CX Innovation at Confirmit will share the results of the research, and highlight ways for insights professionals to really make their mark. She’ll set the stage with a look at how the world of CX looks for 2020, and focus on how insights professionals can break out of the box and drive real business change.​

Join Claire to learn:
• The key skills you need in your team (spoiler alert – it’s not all analytics!)​
• How to use those skills to have an impact across the business​
• Ways to engage with teams across the business so insights are at the heart of decision-making.​

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April 20th | 7:35h PT 10:35h ET 16:35h CET

Correlation Analysis: The Highs & Lows to Deeper Insights

Correlation analysis is key for discovering insights. Whether you’re analyzing responses based on user demographics or measuring KPIs – a high correlation, or a weak one, has many implications. Are you using this method to its full potential?​

Dapresy offers correlation analysis in all three of its main dynamic modules: StoryTeller, StoryCreator and Cross Table. Join us as Senior Solutions Architect, Lars Norlén, gives an introduction on how to prepare your data, work with the correlation analysis in each module, and how to add visual effects for correlation analysis in StoryTeller.​

After Lars’ webinar, you’ll be ready to:​
• Prepare your data​
• Optimize your application of correlation analysis​
• Understand the results​
• Use graphics to visually emphasize the output​

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April 21st | 7:00h PT 10:00h ET 16:00h CET

Significance Testing: The Quick & Easy Way

To support the endless ways to apply and visualize a test for statistical significance, Dapresy has one of the markets’ most flexible solutions for applying stat testing in charts and tables.​

Join us as our Project Manager, Evelyn Dwyer, highlights the different ways you can calculate statistical differences and format the results in Dapresy. We’ll review all the options for adding significance testing and give you some tips and tricks you can use when setting up.​

Attend and learn how to:​
• Set up significance testing in StoryTeller charts and tables​
• Customize the formatting for significant differences​
• Test data against a norm or population value​
• Tips and tricks when setting up significance testing – how to do it most efficiently and troubleshooting of common issues​
• Overview of stat testing in StoryCreator and Crosstabs​

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April 21st | 7:35h PT 10:35h ET 16:35h CET

Dashboard Creation: The Power of Templates

At Dapresy, we are all about increasing your reporting efficiency. One of the top ways to do that is with dashboard templates, which can be repurposed for a variety of projects and clients.​

VP of Customer Success, Anton Nilsson, will share best practices using great dashboards created by Dapresy and clients. Attend this webinar to draw inspiration and learn how to use Dapresy’s template functionality to quickly deliver great dashboards and reports.​

By the end of this webinar, you will be ready to:​
• Be inspired by our demo dashboards​
• Design your dashboard with the help of Dapresy’s experts​
• Build infographic dashboards with our out-of-the-box functionality​
• Expand your template library for future projects​
• Quickly build and deploy projects using templates​

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April 22nd | 7:00h PT 10:00h ET 16:00h CET

Data-driven Benchmarks in just a few clicks

Benchmarks are a critical component of reports. Dapresy allows for automated comparisons, which are easy to set up. Moreover, a wide range of options is available for getting relevant comparisons, allowing you to put your results into context. Are you familiar with all the best practices?​

Our Customer Success Manager Team Lead, Tyler Whitten, will walk you through the best practices and standards for creating effective benchmarks in just a few clicks.​

Join and discover the many ways to benchmark results in Dapresy:​
• Hierarchical benchmarks​
• Best/Worst in class​
• Competitive comparisons​
• Funnel conversion rates​
• Time period comparisons​

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April 22nd | 7:35h PT 10:35h ET 16:35h CET

How to Design a Meaningful Dashboard

Are you looking to create a visually compelling dashboard but are an analyst (or other) without a design skill? Then this webinar is perfect for you.​

Our Graphic Designer, Michelle Chung, and Data Visualization Manager, Abdulah Jahic, have prepared the top tips and tricks for designing an impactful dashboard and will teach you how to implement your design in Dapresy.​

Join them to learn how to:​
• Plan your data​
• Use colors​
• Determine which charts work best​
• Add decorative framing and icons ​
• Implement your design in Dapresy

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April 23rd | 7:00h PT 10:00h ET 16:00h CET

Many Users, Just One Dashboard: Comprehensive Access Right Management

Dashboards, particularly those covering a vast market, tend to have various audiences. Whether they differ by market, role, or another variable – their access rights will likely need to differ. Access rights allow each user to only see the data relevant to him/her.​

Solutions Architect, Anna Serebrianska, will help you discover the power and flexibility of Dapresy’s comprehensive access right management capabilities. ​

Anna will highlight the following features and capabilities:​
• Views, access, and restrictions​
• Filters, languages, event – small details that make a difference​
• Batch user creation via template​
• Users created by users​

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April 23rd | 7:35h PT 10:35h ET 16:35h CET

Helping our Clients Succeed via Project Services

Dapresy has a team dedicated to helping you get your projects up and running – whatever that may mean for you. Discover the different setups and services Dapresy offers and get an idea of what the typical experience looks like.​

Our VP, Customer Success & Project Delivery, Sanford Busse will give you both the Dapresy and client perspective of our Project Services offering – whether its completing entire projects from start to finish or simple setup functions.​

Join Sanford and discover:​
• What types of services we offer​
• A typical example of the Project Service Experience​
• Main differences between new and existing clients​
• How to identify if service work might be right for you​

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April 24th | 7:00h PT 10:00h ET 16:00h CET

Ad Hoc Reporting from A to Z

Most are familiar with Dapresy’s sophisticated features for tracking studies, but do you know how to report on ad hoc studies with Dapresy? ​

In this webinar, Riley Maynard, Director, Business Development Engineer, will demonstrate how to use Dapresy’s newest offering StoryCreator from close of field to delivery for ad hoc reports. You will discover how easy it is to go from data import, to variable administration, to building and delivering PowerPoint slides all within Dapresy. ​

Join us as we go from A to Z (import to delivery):​
• Data Import​
• Variable Administration ​
• Building reports in StoryCreator​
• Delivering reports in native PPT

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April 24th | 7:35h PT 10:35h ET 16:35h CET

Step-by-step: From Data Source to Dapresy

Dapresy is highly compatible with a variety of data sources. You could import files (Excel, SPSS, etc.) or directly connect to your survey platform or other sources of data. ​

Discover all the key features of our integration capability, and learn how to set up once to have your data seamlessly populate your dashboard near real-time. Software Developer, Naida Congo, will walk you through Dapresy’s data connection capabilities.​

Join us to discover how to:​
• Configure Dapresy with your data sources​
• Make metadata changes and transformations​
• Schedule imports to automatically update data​
• Use different data options in Dapresy​

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