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Dapresy Pro was specifically created for market research & customer experience professionals to simplify market research reporting.


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Specifically Built for Serious Market Research

Easily import raw survey data from leading survey platforms. Dapresy Pro works with all major formats; SPSS, Triple-S and Excel and non-survey marketing data with ease.


Business Intelligence (BI) tools don’t meet the specific needs required to work with raw survey data and data collection tools offer very limited reporting capabilities. They are rigid, costly and lack necessary functionality resulting in inefficiencies compared to the native functionality of Dapresy Pro.


Our market research functionality includes weighting, meta data cleaning, computing variables, net creation, indexes and more – 100s of built-in features mean no more work arounds. Easily enable stat testing as required. Changes instantly populate throughout the system eliminating manual work, and automated data refresh & meta data changes provide efficiency in continuous study reporting

Dapresy Pro is a Unique, Complete Reporting Solution that Provides Flexibility & Choice

Choose to deliver through standard cross tables, PowerPoint and PDF or interactive infographic dashboards. Our templates and built-in icon library speeds up production time and easily adds visual impact.


Reporting can be easily customized. Analysts use the Cross Table Tool, managers get PowerPoint, store managers view & act upon “closed loop” customer alerts, and C-Level view online dashboards. Online reporting provides comprehensive access rights and dynamic filters allow for hundreds of views of the data.


Report Users can further customize with the MyStories module. Easily filter and save customized report views into a personal report library that automatically updates each time new data is available. For example, with MyStories a product manager can build an Executive Summary deck to present online during a meeting or download to PPT for email distribution.

Secure, Web-Based Platform

Our platform enables you to use Dapresy Pro without installing any local software. After the administration account is set-up, the software can be used immediately. The platform is constantly monitored with an uptime of 99.9% and updates are regularly applied to the system.

Most IT departments prefer SaaS since it eliminates problems inherent with local software installations. The Dapresy Pro SaaS environment allows you to support clients of all sizes without the need for investment in expensive hardware, custom written solutions, recruitment of expert resources or other barriers to entry typical for the use of sophisticated solutions. The system supports “single sign on” (SSO) and email invites to enable simple onboarding of users.

Future Proof Platform

An investment in Dapresy Pro provides many benefits that come with an “off-the-shelf” platform. Dapresy Pro is updated with a new version at least two times per year and is continuously security tested by 3rd party specialists. We continuously listen to our clients and encourage input into our product roadmap.


One of our recent updates included the ability to show reports on mobile devices, on wide screen and functionality for reporting data in the latest version of PowerPoint. Each year Dapresy Pro is updated with more than 200 new functionalities, all available for Dapresy Pro customer experience professionals.

Central Storage of all Your Project and Data

Dapresy Pro can be your company’s “single source of truth” for all your market research reporting. Store your projects in Dapresy Pro independent of a data collection platform. Easily import data thru SPSS, Triple-S or Excel format or use any of our APIs to get data directly from many leading data collection platforms.

By storing your projects in Dapresy Pro, you can easily structure your data assets, manage access control to projects, deal with personal or sensitive information and delete data not relevant to store.


Having all projects stored in Dapresy Pro improves reporting time. For example, if you have a study being redone from a couple of years ago, the customer can get the same type of reports and benchmark new results against previous rounds.

Private Cloud

For users with heavy demands, we offer the ability for you to host Dapresy in your own infrastructure environment or with a third party, as a single-tenant system while maintaining the benefits of using our hosting with regards to updates, support and maintenance. Our team of technical engineers can work with your IT team to agree on the best practice for deploying Dapresy Pro to meet your enterprise needs.


The platform is regularly tested and reviewed by 3rd party security experts and software consultants ensuring the security and technical standards are applied according to the latest standards.

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