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The Cross Table tool: It’s as simple as drag & drop

Extensive functionality to manage data

Dapresy Pro’s Cross Table tool makes table generation intuitive and rapid. With no programming or syntax knowledge required, tables can be created easily and efficiently, letting you focus on adding business value to the data.


Create the table layout you need, with variables freely positioned in rows and columns. Variables can be nested in multiple levels in both rows and columns, allowing you to break down the result for any target group.


Apply filters to analyse specific target groups without having to setup complex nesting. Any categorical question can be applied as a filter, but you can also use ‘smart time periods’ such as ‘last 1 month’, ‘last 3 months’, and ‘year-to-date’ – invaluable for trackers.


Your resulting tables are available online, but can also be easily exported into Excel for further use. If your project is a tracker with continuous data loads, you can save the table to ‘favorites’ for later reuse. By applying the ‘floating’ time period, new data is automatically applied.

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