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Data Connections

Import raw survey data with ease and simplicity

Dapresy Pro allows for quick & easy import of raw survey data from leading survey platforms via seamless API or FTP uploads. Works with all major formats; SPSS, Triple-S, Excel and non-survey marketing data imports.

  • Schedule data imports
  • Build hierarchical filters
  • Compute new variables and indexes
  • Create your own rules for transformations of the metadata
  • Group answers to create net brands, top boxes, bottom boxes, detractors, promoters etc.
  • Set factors on scale answers, exclude answers like “I don’t know” from average calculations
  • Work interactively with a wide range of settings without complicated scripting

Import Data

Dapresy Pro supports SPSS in .sav format, Triple-S, XML files and Unicom Intelligence files in MDD/DDF format (formerly known as Dimensions). Excel or CSV formatted data can also be easily imported.

Activate Data

Each data import is given a unique identifier allowing the administrator to choose exactly which data file to activate. This also allows for the deletion of individual imports and easy creation of rules to eliminate repetitive tasks and manual errors associated with multiple data imports.

Clean, Recode & Weight

Edit variables and labels; clean data based on user-defined values and ranges or manually set variables to be inactive. Choose which variables are to be used to weight the data. If the imported data is not weighted, the weight values per respondent can be calculated in Dapresy. Simply define what the weights will be based on, for example, age and gender, and enter the desired distribution per subgroup. The weight rules will then be applied automatically to all future imported data sets.

Import Scheduler

Intelligent scheduling allows for automated updates to your project data with import intervals; hourly, daily, weekly, etc. Choose options for updating or disregarding metadata changes and which data to activate after import. Data source can be FTP, secure FTP or one of our API interfaces or connections.


Dapresy Pro can interface with the most common data collection platforms:

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Export Data

Data can be exported as an SPSS syntax script or as a .sav file. Exports to an FTP site in Excel/CSV formats can also be scheduled with the content defined by selecting which variables to include and if any filtering needs to be applied to the exported data set.

Support for Large Datasets

The system supports pre-generation of reports, with options to choose whether to generate all reports or only a selection. For improved performance, the system uses an in-memory component to allow for faster report generation.

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