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Complete Design Flexibility

Unique “free form” placement of data

Dapresy provides a superior visual alternative to rigid widget-based Business Intelligence (BI) or survey platform reporting.

Unique Free Form Data Placement

Our unique “free form” placement of data provides visually engaging graphics that meet the needs of professional researchers. For example, easily create a custom path-to-purchase dashboard with data points along the customer journey.

Engage with Augmented Reality in one Powerful Platform

  • Visualize each touchpoint
  • Personalize each page to user
  • Easily drill down into specifics

Color Templates

Apply color templates to variables and labels for consistency or freely apply colors to suit your requirements. Define a color palette that matches your corporate guidelines and it can be applied automatically to your reporting output. Dapresy provides the report design flexibility of PowerPoint with pixel level precision.

Dapresy Template Library

All templates are fully editable and can be updated, saved, copied and stored in the template library to cover future needs. You can also create your own reporting library based on corporate design guidelines and in-house methods of reporting data. Any template you create can be saved for your own proprietary use, dramatically reducing project setup and speeding delivery time. Templates allow new employees to quickly become very efficient in producing refined dashboards and reports.

Icon and Shapes

Our Icon & Shape Library contains thousands of images to create visually engaging dashboards. The library consists of many typical market research icons such as: awareness, preference, NPS, alerts and target groups. The icons are easily editable for size and layout and colors can be updated based on your needs.

Dynamic Icons

For even more visually appealing dashboards, dynamic icons and shapes change the appearance based on the results in the survey and defined threshold limits. For example, an icon can change color based on the defined thresholds, a “thumb up” can be replaced with a “thumb down”. An icon such as a thermometer can be partly filled based on the values and a flag can be changed based on selected country, etc.


Dapresy provides a rich set of chart types. These can be combined with different settings to, for example, show stacked series, full stacked series, series shown side by side, series shown as polar, etc. The combinations are limitless. The different types of series formats can also be combined in the same chart, for example, show some series in lines and other in columns and so on.

  • Bars
  • Columns
  • Lines
  • Splines
  • Area
  • Vertical lines
  • Vertical splines
  • Vertical Area
  • Gauges
  • Solid Gauges
  • Donut
  • Pie
  • Scatter
  • Bubble

A user-friendly interface allows you to easily set up a chart, update the position of the questions, answers, intervals, compare filters and other controls. And, these can be shown in either legend or in axis. The setup is very flexible with support for precise “drag & drop” to ensure your desired chart appearance. All supported calculation types and statistical functions, such as correlation test and significance test can be visualized in the charts.


Images can be easily uploaded to your dashboards when you need to use existing art work or show brand logos in a brand tracker. And, adding your own background image to a dashboard provides a high level of personalization. The images you upload can be in .png, .jpg, etc. If your images are in a vector based format like SVG, then they can be resized without scaling issues.

Text and Media

External files, videos and other objects can easily be added to the dashboards by using the “Text & Media” object. For example, a YouTube video can be embedded in a brand tracker and the dashboard can show both survey results and the relevant television commercial.

Dynamic Icons

The table component provides very flexible graphical layout. “Drag & drop” logic is used for setting up the table, the desired questions, answers, intervals, compare filters, etc. and these can all be positioned in rows or columns and nested in unlimited levels. These graphical design abilities let you create a table layout based on your specific needs. In addition to showing the table result as numbers, the Icon & Shape Library can be used to define rules for displaying visualizations in the table. For example, use arrows, conditionally colored values or set backgrounds to highlight values which can increase more than a set percentage versus previous month or are above a threshold target value. All supported calculation types and statistical functions such as correlation test and significance test can be visualized in the tables.

Custom JavaScript and CSS Support

You can customize your projects with your own JavaScript and CSS. This allows for the manipulation of objects within the reports. Since Dapresy uses JavaScript driven components for charting, it is possible to extend the charts with new features and additional options on a proprietary basis. The scripting and CSS can be used for extending layout, enriching tables and general design features within the output reports.

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