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Dapresy for Enterprise

Do more with your data

Democratize your market research data and let your organization act and follow up on what really matters. What can your data do for you?


From CEO to area manager, data informs every decision we make – but often in different ways. Use the built-in delivery models to cover the full requirement spectrum of an efficient, modern company – everything from advanced statistician tabs to easy-to-digest infographics.


Communication is the heart of good business. Dapresy Pro’s Enfesys module applies closed-loop functionality to let you share your findings with colleagues. Set alerts, escalate jobs, and monitor feedback and progress. Explore your data in an intuitive, constructive way – identify information gaps and efficiently add new data to complete the story.


Your data belongs to you – hold it in one central hub, independent of source. This is the basis for innovation, creation, and insight. Democratize your data, helping your organization to make rapid, incisive, well-informed decisions.

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