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Feedback & Alert Management

Transform customer feedback into actions and decisions

Dapresy Enfesys is our customer experience management module that lets you listen to customers, and analyze their feedback to optimize your business. Enfesys oversees every interaction between a customer and your organization. Enfesys provides everything needed for professional customer experience management.

Enfesys Flexibility Meets Your Changing Requirements

Start by continuously gathering customer feedback and then expand to implement professional “closed loop” feedback. Enfesys is fully integrated into Dapresy Pro so all our native marketing research functionality exists. There is no need to settle for anything less.

Start small & add functionality when needed

Want to gather feedback without a closed loop process? Want to invest in a CEM-solution adapting to your needs when required? With Enfesys, you can start small with the ability to upgrade to a full CEM-Solution and add further functionality to your existing solution as required.

Flexible data collection meets changing requirements

With Enfesys, you decide how you want to gather feedback; online, CATI, CAWI, CAPI, etc. Choose your preferred fieldwork provider for maximum flexibility while keeping the CEM monitoring, action planning and closed loop process stable for your entire organization.

Acting on customer feedback requires changes

Your organization evolves over time and so do the requirements for your CEM solution. Enfesys gives you the flexibility to adapt your customer experience management process easily whenever needed. Our “drag & drop” system provides easy changes to reports, graphics and all core marketing research functionality.

One System –
Dapresy Pro and Dapresy Enfesys

Dapresy Pro and Enfesys are one modular system. Since all the Enfesys data is appended to the respondents, the Enfesys data can be reported in the StoryTeller module or analyzed in the Cross Table Tool – just like any other kind of data. This gives the user the ability to create dashboards and overviews that visualize both survey data and Enfesys data in one view. The image to the left shows a typical dashboard that combines Enfesys and Survey data

Closing the Loop Without Closing the Options

Read about how Blauw Research partners with Dapresy to deliver a truly flexible Voice of the Customer Program.

Enfesys Process

Dapresy Enfesys contains the following components that enable the process described above.

  • Data import: Used to continuously and automatically import new data into Dapresy Pro.
  • Triggers: Used to automatically evaluate whether the customer/respondent is satisfied/ dissatisfied
  • The Enfesys status board: Used for viewing the status of follow-up jobs and flagging all new events. This is the core view of the day-to-day work.
  • Event server: Used for sending out alert emails to relevant people based on defined triggers. For example, alert emails can be sent out when a certain value is beyond a defined threshold value.
  • The Form: Used for visualizing survey data on a customer level (respondent details) and for logging the performed actions and findings based on the customer contact.
  • The StoryTeller: Used to aggregate survey and Enfesys data for analyses.
  • The access right component: Used to send the alerts to the right people. A manager in store X should only get alerts for unsatisfied customers belonging to store X and so on.
  • Data export: Used to export data to, for example, CRM systems or to use as samples in new surveys.
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