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Dapresy for Market Research Agencies

Take your market research to the next level

Dapresy Pro helps you to respond to the demands of enterprise for faster, more flexible and cost-effective data reporting. By providing a simple, intuitive platform, Dapresy Pro drives productivity, simplifies access, and builds relationships.


Improving upon generic BI tools, Dapresy Pro has a full suite of powerful built-in features designed exclusively for market researchers. Easily integrate with raw data from your survey platform or various file formats such as SPSS, Excel, Triple S or MDD/DDF.


As a true cloud-based solution, Dapresy Pro makes it easy to connect, report and distribute – anytime, anywhere. Simple yet powerful security settings let you get the right data to the right people – with just a few clicks you can deploy thousands of unique, actionable reports, quickly and securely. Many of the top 500 global enterprises enjoy the Dapresy Pro advantage.


Dapresy Pro is a true Do-It-Yourself tool, helping you build elegant, informative reports with just a few clicks. But for those times when your clients need a little extra, Dapresy’s experienced team can help you build beautiful, advanced Dashboards, keeping your costs under control and making your reports shine.

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