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Dapresy’s Interview with Richard Payne at Sports Marketing Surveys

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Sports Marketing Surveys Inc. is the newest user of Dapresy in the UK. We interviewed Richard Payne, Senior Manager – Sports Accounts, who has overseen bringing Dapresy into the agency.

Dapresy: What were your goals in looking for a data analysis platform that has an emphasis on dashboard reporting, like Dapresy Pro?

Richard Payne: We are a traditional market research agency that specialises in the sports field, but ultimately we are conducting market research and therefore our goal is to report back to our clients in a way that is understandable but also catching to the eye, so that our work does not become a report that just sits on a shelf.

What made you pick Dapresy over the other solutions you looked at?

Dapresy came to the fore because I could see my clients logging in to something that they would immediately be engaged with, could be tailored to what we wanted them to see, but could also empower them to run their own analysis and delve into the data a bit more deeply.

What were the things you saw in Dapresy that made you reach that conclusion?
I think it is the interactivity in the dashboard. It also did help having Marc Chester [Director, Dapresy UK] as an initial contact. He was able to come in and illustrate this with the various example dashboards Dapresy has, so I could really see how this could then benefit our clients. And they went over and above that – they went away and designed some proof of concepts for me so I could see their ability to tailor things to put the dashboard into a sporting context.


“It is effectively like having PowerPoint on steroids. It is more appealing but also much more interactive for the client.”

What’s Next?

Where have you got to, so far?

We have run one complete project with Dapresy thus far and we now have a couple in the offing. Sebastian Öhgren [Dapresy Client Operations Manager] was our consultant for the first one, and he has been fantastic. He has very much translated our vision on to the screen. Every new idea we have come up with he’s been able to tailor, and turn around in a couple of days at most – and normally much quicker than that.

What are you hoping to do next?

Something we are definitely looking forward to doing is the training and consultancy days, because I’d very much like to get to the point my team can use Dapresy to set up their own dashboards. It’s something that makes Dapresy more of a systems provider than someone we have to rely on to set up every dashboard for us, and that ultimately will increase the speed of turnaround for us. But having that support in the background is something we can always rely on – and an account manager we can pick up the phone and speak with is reassuring.

Is using Dapresy Pro something that you think will let you be more self-contained and more responsive to clients?

Completely. It is effectively like having Microsoft PowerPoint on steroids. It is more appealing but also much more interactive for the client, without them being able to alter the backend data.

It means we can still have something we can use in-house, put out to our clients, and our clients still know they are getting the complete service from us.  


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