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Portal Branding 101: Easy Ways to Refresh Your Dashboard Portal

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When someone enters your dashboard portal, you want them to feel your brand. The entire experience should be with your brand in mind. The look and feel are the first impression and are a direct representation of your company, so make sure it isn’t outdated or poorly structured.

That isn’t hard to achieve with Dapresy – it’s a powerful tool that allows you to be flexible with your branding. Our Data Visualization Manager, Sakiba Omerovic, suggests four quick and easy ways for you to brand your portal, keeping it fresh and modern.

  1. 1. Customize your login page

Visitors first see your login page. Use that first interaction to promote your brand or company updates. The standard login page has a white background with Dapresy corporate colors, but it’s easy to customize to fit your brand. Update the company logo, background image, or even add a promotional video – so many ways to leave a lasting impression!

login dashboard improvements in Dapresy

dashboard login improvements

  1. 2. Improve your dashboard setup with layout changes

Take a look at your existing dashboard. Is there an opportunity to refresh it and make it more structured with simple layout changes around data objects? Perhaps you could make simple design adjustments to the background images such as adding background boxes, neutral shadows, or smart groupings. These minimal changes make your dashboard more readable and user friendly – key for storytelling and capturing insights.

Before and after Improve your dashboard setup with layout changes

  1. 3. Customize your dashboard’s interface

Use the opportunity to personalize your Dapresy dashboard’s interface. Ask yourself – does the interface that audiences see reflect your brand identity? Make sure it does. Start by looking at your website or any other online portal, you could model it after that. Your brand guidelines will also be a valuable resource as you update your colors and logo. And the great news is, once you create the Customized Theme it could be applied and reused for all your future projects and dashboards in Dapresy.

Before and afterCustomize your dashboards interface

  1. 4. Enhance portal navigation

It’s very important to consider the user’s experience with your portal navigation. Does the interface allow for easy navigation through dashboard pages? What about the multiple reports, sub reports, and various filter options – is it intuitive to find these items? The Dapresy Services Team is available to advise you on best practices based on your specific needs. You should also consider having your Dapresy projects follow the structure of your webpage or intranet. This could easily be implemented through your custom corporate theme as mentioned earlier.

Dashboard_improvements_Custom theme

You can greatly improve your dashboard’s brand experience with just a few changes. As you see, these subtle adjustments add up to create a significant change and a more modern user experience. A customized login page, relevant background images, and easier navigation leave the user with a lasting impression.

The result is a refreshed, modern, and professional dashboard.


Additional branding ideas:

Looking for additional ways to put the focus on your brand? There are plenty of ways, including customizing the dashboard colors to match your brand’s, as well as making sure your brand’s performance is highlighted.


Get in touch

Want to improve your Dapresy portal and dashboards? Feel free to send us examples or screenshots at Our Data visualization team will, with pleasure, provide ideas and mockups of a new, fresh style.

This blog post was prepared as a part of the Data Visualization in Action series by the Dapresy Services team.

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