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In recent articles, we’ve looked at the importance of generating beautiful, actionable reports – quickly and efficiently.

Here we explore how Dapresy Pro can differentiate the way in which a Market Research Agency focuses on customer experience reporting, divided into 3 key areas:

  • Speed and agility
  • Beautiful rendition
  • Actionable data

Speed and agility

Reports are meaningless unless they can provide tangible business value. To do this, they need to present the most relevant, recent data. Dapresy Pro makes importing raw survey data from leading survey platforms quick and simple, via seamless API or FTP uploads.

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Beautiful rendition

The best reports are visually compelling, telling a story specifically tailored to the end user. Dapresy Pro’s dynamic graphical capabilities allow you to express variables such as KPIs with colors and images, making interpretation quick and intuitive.

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Actionable data

For reports to have real business value they must be delivered quickly and to the right end user. Dapresy Pro’s sophisticated access controls provide clear, actionable data where and when it’s needed, while the feedback management module creates results-based alerts to ensure prompt action.

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