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Dapresy Essential

Daily analysis and reporting for market research. Robust enough for professional analysts and intuitive enough for beginners.

The perfect entry point to the Dapresy ecosystem

Offering a streamlined suite of tools that perfectly meet the needs of individual market researchers and smaller projects.

Streamline PowerPoint deck creation

Create attractive deck reports directly from your market research data. Reduce tedious, error-prone work and increase efficiency. Update your presentations in a click – eliminating rework.

Reduce time to insight

If you’ve got the raw data, you’ve got the answers. Start working before field closes to produce initial key findings. Dapresy’s powerful backend gets your raw data up and ready to analyze in no time.

Reduce time to insight

If you’ve got the raw data, you’ve got the answers. Start working before field closes to produce initial key findings. Dapresy’s powerful backend gets your raw data up and ready to analyze in no time.

Explore data visually for deeper insights

Simultaneously create decks and explore data with our user-friendly interface. Visual representation of your data makes exploration and analysis intuitive – helping you gain a better understanding and reveal deeper insights.

One Platform – 3 Levels

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Frequently asked questions

Can I conduct surveys through Dapresy?

No, Dapresy is for reporting survey data.

Where is my data stored?

Your data is stored in the data center closest to you location. Dapresy has professionally managed data centers at multiple locations across Europe, North America and Australia. On-premise data storage is available on request.

Can the PPT presentations that I export from Dapresy be edited?

PowerPoint presentations created with the StoryCreator deck creation module can be exported as fully editable, native PPTs. The layout, settings and data can be modified in PowerPoint.

Will Dapresy automatically generate a PPT deck for me?

Dapresy is a platform that allows you to build customized presentations. It provides you with the tools to create attractive decks easily. Previously created reports and dashboards can be reused as templates, though, so over time the production process can get more and more efficient.

I need to add Media spending, GRP and Share of Voice to my brand tracker. Is that possible?

Yes. Dapresy can report all types of data, not just market research data. All data can be imported from different sources and the mapping process between them is easy. The different data types can then be combined in the same dynamic dashboard and even in the same chart, which makes it easy for the user to see the connection between the different data types like advertising awareness and share of voice. By using the advanced calculation options in Dapresy, you do not need to import the Share of Voice data since it can be calculated inside the system with the media spending values as a base.

Can you create new variables within the system?

Dapresy enables you to craft many types of variables, e.g. it’s possible to create new segment variables from existing background variables.

If I upload data and later add new updates to the data, will my reports and dashboards be updated?

Yes, all reports and dashboards in your project will update automatically.

Can Dapresy be used for reporting on qualitative research?

Qualitative data that has been categorized can be imported and visualized in a Dapresy report, but it’s when reporting quantitative data that Dapresy excels.

Can I automate data updates with Dapresy?

Yes. Data can automatically update in Dapresy for trackers and other recurring studies. Specifically designed for market research data, analysts quickly and easily import raw survey data from leading survey platforms via seamless or scheduled FTP uploads or manually. The system easily imports from all major file types: SPSS, Triple-S and Excel, as well as from non-survey marketing data. If the survey software you use isn’t integrated with Dapresy, it is as easy as placing your data files onto an FTP server. This is automatically scanned by Dapresy and the data flows directly onto your dashboard reports. Dapresy offers near real-time reporting with this technique and it requires no manual adjustments in the process.

Can Dapresy help us to better communicate results from our online business intelligence tools to our employees and stakeholders?

Yes. Dapresy sits as a layer on top of your existing BI infrastructure. BI tools use “widget based” reporting. Dapresy facilitates visually engaging reporting using our built-in image library combined with our “free form” data placement. This allows an infinite variety of data visualizations to support customer journeys and other non-traditional data views.

Can Dapresy help me with the design of my presentations and dashboards?

Yes, Dapresy has a team of designers and Dapresy experts who can create beautiful design for you to use, or even do the full setup for you.

Can Dapresy control data and functionality rights by users?

Yes. Dapresy has extensive controling capabilities for data and functionality rights. A typical dashboard can be distributed to the entire organization with controlled views for management, marketing, sales, product management, etc. For example, analysts receive access to the Cross Table Tool, managers the PowerPoint report and C-Level employees view a metrics-based online dashboard. Online reporting provides comprehensive access rights and dynamic filters allowing for hundreds of views of the data.

How do I import my data?

Dapresy can import Excel, CSV, SPSS or Triple-S data files and import data directly from the most popular survey tools. The data imports can be done either manually or automatically.

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