Current page: Explore the Future of Business via an Online Interactive Dashboard

Explore the Future of Business via an Online Interactive Dashboard

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About The Future of Business Survey

Earlier this year, Facebook, OECD, and The World Bank collaborated in an effort to explore the future of SME (Small and Medium-sized Enterprise) business. In February 2016, The Future of Business Survey reached out to small to medium-sized enterprises across 17 countries to gauge the economic environment in which their businesses operated in. The survey collected data to gain insights into new and older digitalized businesses. The Future Business Survey provides an exclusive peek into a new mobilized economy through an online interactive dashboard.

Value-Added Insight

The results of The Future of Business Survey gives policymakers, researchers, and businesses a look into the operating environment and an understanding of the future of SMEs. Chief Statistician of OECD, Martine Durand, shares her thoughts, “We think this project shines a spotlight on how forward-looking information on businesses may be gathered in the future, bringing together the best of what a firm like Facebook and organizations like the OECD and the World Bank have to offer. The new survey contributes to fill data gaps on SMEs, and by so doing it provides a valuable input to the monitoring of progress towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals.”

Why SMEs?

SMEs are a salient source of considerable economic and employment growth. Nicola Mendelsohn, VP and EMEA of Facebook, explained, “Small businesses are some of the most innovative marketers. When we listen to small businesses they help us understand the challenges they face and the opportunities that exist to help them grow. The Future of Business Survey is a unique window into the new digital and mobilized economy.” Insights and timely information will enable stakeholders to better understand economic trends and continue to stimulate business growth.

Visualizing Survey Results via Dapresy Dashboard

Facebook, OECD, and The World Bank share the same goal for the Future of Business Survey. Their aim is to create new ways to connect with businesses and help them discover insights in an emerging digital economy. One of the best ways to communicate these insights is through an interactive dashboard. Dapresy proudly offered their software to visualize the results of the study so that all interested parties could quickly and easily consume the survey results. To access the interactive dashboard today, click here.

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