Current page: What makes Dapresy Pro better than continuing to use PowerPoint? And Excel?

What makes Dapresy Pro better than continuing to use PowerPoint? And Excel?

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PowerPoint is a great presentation tool, but it is not an efficient way to report data. A typical tracking study reported with PowerPoint can easily run into hundreds of slides. Dapresy Pro makes building PowerPoint slides obsolete. Analysts work directly from the raw data files within a Dapresy Pro dynamic dashboard and all custom dashboard pages are seamlessly built from these data. Analysts work on the raw data files so there are no data input or transposition errors. New data is automatically imported and dashboards refresh themselves for real-time access. With Dapresy Pro, you can easily export slides into PowerPoint presentations. Weighting, meta data cleaning, computing variables, net creation, indexes and more – 100’s of built-in features eliminate work arounds. These changes populate throughout the system eliminating the manual work required to update PPT decks – they are literally updated with the push of a button.

Dapresy Pro accepts the raw respondent level survey data and users then work directly on the data which eliminates the time consuming, tedious transcription into PowerPoint or Excel. You can also run tables instantly, so there is no need for data processing to run Cross Tabs. In fact, many users eliminate the cost (if using outside vendors) to create cross tabs prior to reporting. Dapresy Pro has a complete built –in Cross Table Tool. Our clients have reported up to 40% saving in production time using Dapresy Pro.

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