Current page: Faster & Better Data Delivery: A Necessary Change for the Market Research Industry and Beyond

Faster & Better Data Delivery: A Necessary Change for the Market Research Industry and Beyond

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Yazid Jamian and Steve Murphy from Green Zebras published an interesting report in the February 2016 Quirks magazine titled 6 Trends in Asia-Pacific Market Research. They pose the question “How has market research fared in Asia-Pacific in the last year?” It is certainly worth a read for those looking at the Asia market for growth. 

They explain that, “Like other industries, it’s been affected by the economic slowdown in China, which blew an unprecedented chill across the entire region and caused alarm in world markets. Meanwhile the growing availability of better, faster and more accessible survey technology has also redrawn the client-vendor relationship in ways no one ever thought possible.”

I agree with Yazid and Steve that the ‘growing availability of better, faster and more accessible survey technology’ is re-shaping the client-vendor relationship. The ‘want’ or ‘need’ for information to be delivered faster, better and sometimes cheaper is now part of the human agenda. It is not surprising that market research buyers are expecting this. As a society we have become conditioned to expect instant answers. With the simple click of a button we can gain access to any information we desire. Since we can easily get this information in our personal lives, it’s not surprising that we want this in our work lives as well.

This trend is not unique to our industry and will no doubt continue to grow. Over the past 6-8 months I have seen an increase in the number of client proposal requests that now include a dynamic dashboard as part of their required delivery. This increase is a direct result of clients wanting their market research results in a timelier, consumable and interactive way.

In the article’s 4th point, Yazid & Steve discuss how clients are now experimenting more and more with DIY products. This seems to be a direct result of two trends: 1) the need for quick information and 2) the need to be more hands on and be able to interact with results. In my opinion, agencies need to embrace this and look to new technologies to deliver this to their clients.

Of the 6 trends discussed, none are more important than the last point: researchers need to up their game. This applies to all of us in the market research industry, whether we are suppliers or researchers. Our clients’ wants and needs will continue to change and grow, and data delivery needs to adapt to these changes.

Read the full article, 6 Trends in Asia-Pacific Market Research, here.

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