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Finally, a CX solution just for market research

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Customer CX expectations present a growing problem for Market Research Agencies

So, you need a Customer Experience reporting solution that fits your needs – but what should you be looking for? The market is crowded with a huge range of Customer Feedback Management platforms, offering a dizzying array of functionality. However, when it comes to the needs of market research agencies, it’s as much about what you don’t need, as what you do.

Agencies need a CX solution that’s just for them

Market research agencies have traditionally been wary of end-to-end CX solutions, regarding them as the preserve of larger, enterprise-level operations that have the budget and manpower to operate them. But customers are increasingly demanding solutions that require CX reporting whether it be trackers or closed loop management. If MRAs can’t meet this demand, they might find themselves sidelined, often by the platform providers themselves.

MRAs are great at collecting data, analyzing it and presenting recommendations. When it comes to distributing transactional customer feedback data there is however a whole new challenge, since it requires fast turnaround times, with data presented to different stakeholders (both internal and external) in different ways. Insights have to be shared quickly and accurately, in a format that users of radically varying expertise can understand and interpret if they are to make business-critical decisions and improve their area of responsibility.

CX reporting checklist – here’s what you need

  • Easily import data in multiple formats from multiple sources
  • Clean and weigh functionality
  • One-click report generation in the customer’s format of choice
  • Customizable customer dashboards to display KPIs
  • Filters to allow fast, intuitive data analysis
  • Automated alerts to notify stakeholders when something deviates
  • Case management and action plan capability, to close the loop with individual customers and track improvement

Chances are that you’ve got multiple sources of data, both from your own data gathering and from a range of external sources – so you need a solution that can import from the widest variety of sources without the need for specialized scripting or integration experience.

Furthermore, you need 1-click simplicity – you need to get information quickly and coherently to the customer, not spend time on laborious manual preparation. Your customers want to act on today’s insights, not yesterday’s news.

You’ll also want to stand out from the crowd, delivering presentations and reports that are engaging and visually appealing, making your data come to life. Functionality such as dashboards can instantly convey the most important information to the right people in an easily comprehensible format, letting your customers make key business decisions – fast.

So, what you should be looking for is a…

CX solution that provides accurate, elegant reports that are engaging and actionable, adding value to business where it needs it most – with the individual stakeholders. Dashboards are repopulated as and when data is refreshed, letting end-users across the business clearly view KPIs and other indicators, empowering them to make quick business decisions, secure in the knowledge that the central data has been properly validated.

Here is how Dapresy can help you

Dapresy Pro is modular and flexible, exactly meeting the needs of MRAs with a focused, streamlined product that addresses all of their requirements, while omitting data gathering functionality that they already possess. It’s also truly scalable, allowing MRAs to provide everything from ad-hoc reporting to full tracking capabilities, according to their customers’ needs.

To see how Dapresy helps real businesses get a CX edge, watch the video or why not get in touch for a personalized demo?

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