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Five Steps to Compelling Dashboard Design

Data is everywhere. As businesses, we are often awash in data: web metrics, competitive rankings, customer reviews, and so on. Some business harness their data better then others, but it’s the rare organization that, when being honest with themselves, will say they feel like they are getting every bit of insight and business intelligence out of the data they are gathering.


There is a simple reason why, with more data then ever before, we are less sure of how to leverage it, and that is because organizing data is difficult. A proper data dashboard should identify trends that matter, alert a manager to developing issues, enable staff members to make smarter decisions, all while being easily digestable.


Needless to say, there’s more to a good dashboard than adding a few graphs, applying some filters, and sending it out to the team.


In “5 Steps to Compelling Dashboard Design,” author Alexander Skorka presents a process designed to turn out convincing dashboards that drive effective decision-making, every time.

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