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From Charts to Infographics

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From Charts to Infographics: Making Information Actionable for Everyone

Mark your calendars! Dapresy will be presenting an in-depth discussion around modern data visualization techniques at the upcoming Quirk’s Event in Orange County.

For years, bar and pie charts have been the standard for data visualizations. When used properly, they add clarity and understanding to the data. Unfortunately, too often they are dull and lacking in impact; rarely do they encourage the marketer to take action.

At Dapresy, we’ve moved beyond charts and into the territory of the infographic. In this session, you will hear practical advice on how to transform your data into compelling, interactive dashboards. We’ll show you “before and after” examples and share five easy steps to get your team started on the road to the modern age of dashboarding.

Attend this presentation February 28th at 3:30pm in Room 3.

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Beth Rounds joined the Dapresy team in 2017 with many years of experience in the market research industry. She is passionate about building brands where innovation, technology and research connect.

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