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How to Maximize the Value of Business Dashboards

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Joe Stangarone recently published an article on mrc’s blog 6 Ways to Maximize the Value of Business Dashboards. Joe explains that there are many different ways to utilize business dashboards to make empowered decisions. However, some companies are not using business dashboards to their fullest potential.

“The fact is, many businesses use dashboards, but not everyone sees the same results. For some, they’re a useful tool. For others, they’re a competitive advantage. Why is this? How can two different organizations use business dashboards, and see completely different results? How do some companies get so much value out of their dashboards?”

Joe offers six great suggestions on how to make the most out of your business dashboards to really get your money’s worth:

1. Expand their reach
2. Make dashboards proactive
3. Make them customizable
4. Include benchmarks
5. Automate the data
6. Bring them out of the confines of the PC

He also shares valuable insights from the market research industry’s leaders, one of which is Dapresy’s VP of North America, John Bird: 

“A dashboard is not a baseball cap — One size does not fit all, so tailor research findings to stakeholders in order to meet individual needs. For example, your sales VP and CFO likely want to see different information presented, and may have preferences in terms of how it is presented. This should easily be managed by user login and/or hierarchical filters.”

John makes a great point: dashboards need to be customizable. Dapresy offers companies the tools they need to create the exact look and feel they want. They can then distribute their customized dashboard to any number of stakeholders within the company, truly maximizing the value of their business dashboards.

Read the full article here.

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