Current page: Empowering Market Researcher’s role in the MR ecosystem

Empowering Market Researcher’s role in the MR ecosystem

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With Dapresy launching a brand-new platform this fall, we sat down with CEO ‘Tobi’ Andersson to discuss the new direction and what it means for the market research industry, today and tomorrow.

You’ve built up quite a reputation over 20 years as the go-to solution for market research reporting – why do you feel that now is the time to expand your offering?

For over 20 years, we’ve had a saying that Dapresy shall at all times be the market research agency’s best friend and constantly support the changes the industry is undergoing. Over the last couple of years, the MR industry has started to move towards a more technology-oriented business model. Therefore, the ability of a market research agency to develop offerings that solve clear problems and where technology plays a big role has become more important.

Which factors do you think will be most crucial to the success of the MR industry?

The success of the MR industry will be defined by agencies that combine consultations with services that harness technologies, integrating relevant data sources into formats that end-users can understand and act upon. This will enable enterprises to transform the way they work – our new solution is designed specifically to address these needs.

How, in practical terms, will Dapresy be approaching this challenge?

To support the various needs of different types of professional market researchers, Dapresy has been reborn as Essential, Professional and Enterprise. We are expanding our capabilities to support efficient PowerPoint deck creation and have started a journey to offer extensive data management capabilities. We have a clear goal, which is to be the day-to-day tool that market researchers use for their reporting and insight generation needs.

Given that the industry’s needs have changed, how do you feel that Dapresy is better able to serve market researchers, compared to generic business intelligence solutions?

We find ourselves at a point where an entire universe of information is accessible and waiting for all of us to connect, aggregate and put into context. We see a trend where market research buyers start to do some of their research in-house – to a market research agency this can feel like a threat. At Dapresy, we are firm believers in enabling technology that creates an ecosystem where the agency and the buyer collaborate and work side by side. By consolidating all types of market research into a single platform that can then be distributed in different formats, the role of the agency can actually expand, so that they become a more valuable partner in the MR ecosystem. To do this Dapresy has, from the very beginning, focused solely on the needs of market researchers, not a one-size-fits-all BI approach.

Dapresy is primarily known for sophisticated dashboard implementation – does this new approach signal a change in direction?

Our goal was and is to make Dapresy easier to use and more accessible for daily use, without removing or limiting the technology that made us famous. After all, this technology has enabled 1000s of professional researchers to deploy sophisticated solutions for the most demanding enterprise clients worldwide. Instead of a single offering, we have developed a suite of products and services geared toward empowering everyday market research reporting needs. This includes one platform that solves a spectrum of reporting and insight generation needs.
With our expanded offering, in addition to online dashboards, our clients can generate Excel tables, native PowerPoint presentations and discover data on the fly in a completely new module that we call StoryCreator. StoryCreator is changing the way market researchers and decision makers generate insights and is removing many of the traditional hurdles to which we’ve become accustomed.

So, you think it’s time for a change in focus for market researchers?

The new Dapresy platform will enable professional market researchers to focus on value creation, instead of spending time on manual work, with tables and PowerPoint decks being created in the same manner as we did 20 years ago. This multi-tiered platform is very much in line with our vision to support professional market researchers, with a platform that defines the standard for market research insight generation.

With the Essential level of the platform, you’ve looked more at the daily needs of market researchers, both freelance and working within larger organizations – what do you think is the main benefit for them?

The Essential level is aimed at users who primarily need a tool for daily analysis and reporting, especially in streamlining native PowerPoint deck production. We’ve designed a system that is robust enough for professional analysts and intuitive enough for beginners. As market researchers ourselves, we’re aware of the time-sensitive nature of report creation and so we’ve worked hard to produce a solution that eliminates as much manual intervention and repetition (and human error) as possible. This way researchers can move from data to insight in the shortest possible number of steps, freeing up time for other valuable tasks.

You’ve put a lot of emphasis upon efficient PPT production as a basic benefit – why do think this is so important?

The unique technology that we have developed for efficient PowerPoint deck creation will expand the way you think of Dapresy – our goal is to be the platform you use for all your market research reporting needs. So much of the daily work of researchers is taken up with PowerPoint deck creation that we felt this simply had to be a core area of development. We’ve radically cut the time taken to create decks, making a real difference in the way that people spend time on analyzing in order to reveal insights.

What’s your ‘big-picture’ goal?

We want the Dapresy community to grow, from 80,000 users accessing information via Dapresy to 300,000 over the coming years. Tying into that goal is our desire to promote and support all of our professional market researchers who on a daily basis create PowerPoint decks, tables and dashboards with Dapresy. We want creative problem solvers across brand, CX, employee, mystery shopping, you name it, to feel fully backed by Dapresy. As a result of our investments into our new product offering, we are also extending our capabilities to offer support, training and best practice consultation. We have increased our service team by threefold over the last four months and we are now supporting all world time zones 5 days a week with support and service.

If you had to sum up the essence of what makes Dapresy special, what would you say?

It’s about people – both the customers and our team. The team behind Dapresy is a direct result of hiring the best people, who are not only experienced within the market research sector, but also smart, brave, humble and with their heart in the right place, passionate about making the client successful. We pride ourselves on having the happiest customers within the market research software industry and constantly strive to be the best partner possible.

What’s next?

Dapresy is on a very interesting growth journey, driven by the value we create for our clients. Dapresy is digitalizing the market research industry together with our clients and, together with the Industry, we are enabling new ways of working. Everything we do is directed towards the same goal – to support our clients, developing and extending their business with new value propositions that respond to the ever-changing market research industry. Over the next two to three years, Dapresy will most likely become the standard platform for all market researchers around the world. What Microsoft Word is for people writing documents, Dapresy will be for market researchers generating insights.

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