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“Killer” Customer Satisfaction Program in 7 Steps

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7 Steps to make a killer customer satisfaction program

  1. Determine your KPI’s
    • Brainstorm Key Performance Indicators that will drive your business. How do you want your customer to feel before, during, and after interacting with your brand?
  2. Simplify your survey
    • Create a survey that leaves your customers feeling satisfied that they made their opinions heard.
  3. Tell a story
    • Let the data do the talking. Use highly visual reporting that “speaks” to the non-technical users while providing the technical with deep dive tools.
  4. Close the loop
    • Enable two-way communication between you and the customer. Be informed of pain points before reaching out and track every client touch.
  5. Automate in real time
    • Review your survey results in real time with API connected surveys. Know within minutes if a customer is unhappy.
  6.  Make it competitive
    • Rank your business. Let store owners, account managers, or employees see how they are doing against the average, or the best.
  7. Share success stories
    • Show your employees, or the world, how you made that one customers day

Click here to see an example of what your Customer Experience program could look like!

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