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Say hello to Riley!

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Find out more about the people who bring Dapresy’s products to life…

Riley, can you introduce yourself?

My name is Riley Maynard and I work as a Senior Account Manager at Dapresy North America. I have been at Dapresy for almost three years, since graduating from college in 2016. I started at Dapresy as a Project Associate building dashboards, but transitioned to the role of CSM, focusing more on the DIY side of business and working directly with our clients.

What do you think is the key challenge for the MR industry today?

In my opinion, the key challenge for the MR industry is the effective reporting of data. As big data has become more prevalent, it has become much more difficult to report on the data in an impactful way that tells an accurate story and leads to successful business decisions.

How do you think Dapresy helps in solving this challenge?

Dapresy takes a raw data file and turns it into an easy way for users to digest data. Instead of analyzing tables of information, Dapresy allows you to report on the same data in visual ways, through filterable and interactive infographics, leading to clearer storytelling and more impactful delivery of results. Through design and iconography, important messages can be communicated to end users at a glance instead of scrolling through hundreds or thousands of cells of data to find the same story.

Of which accomplishment at Dapresy are you most proud?

Every time we are able to solve either a reporting or business need for a client using Dapresy Pro it is a huge win. Nothing is better than seeing a client’s face when they realize that the efficiencies that Dapresy offers can save them hours off their current processes.

What do you think will be the key success factor for MR in the future?

I think the key to future success of the MR industry is to continuing growing and adapting as trends change. For example, as technology has become more prevalent, more surveys are being taken via smartphone or tablet, along with results being delivered and viewed on these mobile devices.

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