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This is Emma!

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Find out more about the people who bring Dapresy’s products to life…

Emma, can you introduce yourself? 

I’m Emma Daréus. I graduated from Linköping University in 2013. I studied Statistics and Data Analysis and started working for Dapresy directly after my graduation. I started in our support team, which I then managed until January 2019, when I started working as one of our Customer Success Managers. I’m based in our Norrköping office, working with our European clients. My goal is to make sure that our customers use the system in the best possible way for them, ensuring a successful experience with Dapresy Pro.

What do you think is the key challenge for the MR industry today?

I think the key challenge today is to get the right message to the right person. We’re living in a world where we have information floating around everywhere – we become exhausted with all the information and only look at it if it stands out from the rest. To break that cycle, we need to deliver the right information, in an easy, good looking way, to the right people, who can make decisions based upon it. These decision makers shouldn’t have to search the data for findings. We should deliver the information in which they’re interested to them directly.

How do you think Dapresy helps in solving this challenge?

With our ability to design the dashboard exactly how you want it, we can make it stand out from other dashboard systems. We can also create events/emails that will notify the right person if something needs to be looked at, whether positive or negative. To make the right decisions, on all levels in the company, we take advantage of our hierarchical filter structure, giving access on a “need to know” basis, filtering out unnecessary information for them.

Of which accomplishment at Dapresy are you most proud?

That we manage to create and deliver great new features several times per year. Some of our latest implementations have included the possibility to import related data sets (Stacked Data), data-driven filters (Dynamic Filters), and our next big release, Story Creator. Story Creator will give the end-user the possibility to create charts, just as we have been offering end-users the ability to create tables in our Cross Table tool.

What do you think will be the key success factor for MR in the future?

I think that text and speech analytics will be big in the future. It will be more efficient to combine your interactions, both over the phone and emails, with these analytics tools, together with social media interactions to get the same data as you have now, but without asking for more of your clients valuable time to get their opinions regarding your company.

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