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This is Ken!

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Find out more about the people who bring Dapresy’s products to life…

Ken, can you introduce yourself?

I’m Ken Brewster, Director at Dapresy UK where I manage the UK client base. Their success is our success, so I see myself as the conduit between what clients want to accomplish and what Dapresy can do. This means regularly challenging the way we do things to achieve continuous process and product improvement.

What do you think is the key challenge for the MR industry today?

There are several challenges including Data Governance, the commoditisation of research and Data Science, but the one I will focus on here is Qualitative Data. Qual has traditionally been the poor relation of Quant, usually because of cost despite the richness of the insights it provides. However, advances in technology now make it more accessible.

How do you think Dapresy helps in solving this challenge?

Conventional dashboards have typically just focused on reporting the numbers and doing little, if anything, with Qualitative data. But at Dapresy, we are building in functionality that enables users to do things like browse through photos and videos, to easily search verbatim responses to extract common themes, and there’s more to come. People talk a lot about storytelling in research these days – well, adding the Qual element will certainly make the story more compelling.

What accomplishment at Dapresy are you most proud of?

It is still early days, but I like the way I have empowered some clients, showing them that data is not something to be afraid of. It’s not some black box that needs DP people to turn into tables before they can access it. Making the clients comfortable with visually exploring their data has increased their productivity, so as a software vendor I think that has to be an end goal.

What do you think will be the key success factor for MR in the future?

Being agile. Traditionally MR has been slow to adopt and embrace new technology – mobile data collection being a great example. Yet, with advances in technology picking up pace, the industry runs the risk of becoming redundant if it doesn’t keep abreast of these changes. It needs to incorporate what it can, and then move on to the next innovation.

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