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Dapresy – More Than Dashboards

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Gain market research reporting efficiencies of up to 40%

You may know Dapresy for our infographic dashboard capabilities. Yet, you may not know that “what is under the hood” is an engine with core MR capabilities that make day-to-day ad hoc production much easier and more efficient.  If you stop and think about it, how could Dapresy Pro create such sophisticated dashboards without the core functions needed to power all the required market research specific requirements.

If you are a market research or customer experience professional working with raw survey data, and need to have multiple reporting options, Dapresy Pro is the only software option that gives you the flexibility and choice to allow instant creation of cross tables, static PowerPoint decks or dynamic online dashboards. BI tools cannot match the breadth of capabilities that Dapresy Pro can offer. Our clients know that and rely on our SaaS platform as their “go to” production system for all their reporting needs. Check out what LRW says about their savings (link to case study)

How can this be? It’s because our software eliminates tedious data input which avoids transposition errors. You work directly on the raw survey data file to make changes to data labels, colors, meta data, create nets, custom calculations and derived variables, define hierarchies and use built-in icons and templates to speed production. But wait! There’s more.

What about those final PPT decks that have weighting errors, wrong calculations, misspelled labels or need changes to colors? You have to rerun your cross tabs, weights and then re-input the changes “chart by chart and table by table.” Your junior analyst gets a pizza and spends the night making tedious, manual changes – once she gets the re-run data files. There is a better way and we have the solution.

All those changes above take seconds – literally. Change a question label at the root level and it instantly populates through the system. Change a weight inside Dapresy Pro, hit save and instantly update of all the data. Same with colors, custom calculations, derived variables, nets. Just output the new PPT deck. Maybe takes a minute? I could go on and on.

Whether you are a small custom agency or a large syndicated firm, the efficiencies are too great to ignore. And the excuse of “that’s the way we have always done it” doesn’t make sense when there is a better, more efficient way. Let us show you and prove that there is a better way.

Also, check out our new website –  It provides the visitor with a comprehensive look at the deep marketing research functionality native to Dapresy Pro.

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Rudy has deep experience in the market research and insights industry, and was one of the leading forces behind the inception of online research. He is a regular speaker at industry events, sharing his passion for Dapresy and our vision.