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Moving From Good to Great With Effective CX Dashboard Reporting

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The Importance of Customer Experience

Over the years, customer experience has become increasingly important for businesses. According to experts, customer experience is going to become the main differentiator for brands by 2020 – even beating out price!

A good experience means that brands must match customers’ expectations. In order to achieve great CX, businesses must create positive experiences in the place where customers buy, use, and receive their services. Therefore, it’s important that the entire service staff understands how best to act, and how they can improve their service to achieve better customer experiences.

Creating a Better Data Experience For Everyone

Continuously gathering customers’ feedback is a good starting point. However, to move from good to great you must set up a professional CX dashboard that engages management to make evidence-based decisions. In doing so, consider your decision makers as customers.

Create a data experience (like Figure 1 below) that ensures the market research and feedback data is easy to understand. Provide management with an engaging at-a-glance view. Allow them to easily see key metrics on a company and market level. You can see from the Resort Example below, Overall Scores are placed front and center, while each customer touchpoint is visualized to enable better understanding.

customer experience feedback module
Figure 1 – Resort Overview Dashboard Example

However, simply providing management with the latest data is not everything. It’s also important that the entire service staff understands how best to act, and how they can improve their service to achieve better customer experience. In this case, the challenge is how to properly inform staff of relevant information so that they can make fact-based decisions that will improve their company’s customer experience.

First, it’s important to continuously provide your service staff with information that will help them understand how customers are experiencing the services they are provided.

  • Ask questions – Find out what insights matter the most to your staff.
  • Guide – Make sure that the collected information will provide clear guidance for staff to act on.
  • Engage – Talk with your service staff about how they can directly influence and improve these insights. Remind them that they are contributing to the team, and that their individual efforts count for something greater.

Second, it’s essential to visually present insights to your staff in a way that is intuitive and easy to digest. Unfortunately, most conventional data visualization programs force the viewer to work hard to carefully examine and interpret the data that leads to valuable insights. To make things easier for your staff, you should make your customer experience information more appealing, self-explaining, and memorable.

Professional CX dashboards take these factors into account. They connect data and insights to real situations. Instead of only delivering conceptual facts, these CX dashboards help users to go beyond the numbers and connect emotionally. The more this is achieved, the more likely it is that your service staff will feel involved and act on insights.

For instance, a hotel business can use augmented reality techniques to support their house keeping staff (see Figure 2 below). All relevant information for their job is optimized and portrayed in the reality of the viewer – in this case, a hotel room. This makes abstract facts become more tangible, allowing staff to intuitively and immediately act on the data. For instance, the housekeeper can clearly see that the carpet has a red notification, meaning it needs to be cleaned right away. Other items, like the pillows, washbasin, and entertainment do not need any maintenance.

Customer experience reporting dashboard
Figure 2 – Hotel Room Dashboard Example

Professional CX dashboards bring information to life, and they actively involve users much more than traditional data visualizations. Dashboards like this also include customized views for specific users, dynamic filtering, drill downs, and real-time updates. All of these functionalities drive better business decisions and improve customer experience by putting appealing, memorable, and engaging insights into the hands of users.

Take the next step – Make your reporting more appealing, self-explaining, and memorable.

Dapresy’s template library and user-friendly interface make it easy to create an insightful and engaging dashboard like the ones you’ve seen here. Be inspired to take the next step and speak to an expert today!


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