Current page: MRIA Conference Recap: Canadian Insights Leaders are Making Progress!

MRIA Conference Recap: Canadian Insights Leaders are Making Progress!

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I recently had the privilege of moderating a panel of research professionals at the Canadian Market Research Conference (MRIA).  Our topic focused on how insights leaders – whether agencies or enterprises – are transforming the insight function and their deliverables to meet the evolving needs of the enterprise client.  Here are some highlights from our panel conversation: 

  • Leaders are challenging the status quo. These panelists are making changes and having an impact on their respective organization.  Across the spectrum of large to mid-sized enterprises, these participants see their role as being an insight integrator, a research champion and a change agent.
  • Data quality and research integrity are table stakes. Less time is spent explaining the “nuts and bolts” of the research, yet expectations are high for research integrity and validity.
  • Storytelling and visualization have gone mainstream. Participants are utilizing a number of approaches to “tease” out the story. For example, Lisa De Lima from Loyalty One creates the report framework and story while she creates her questionnaire. She’s a visual learner, and it is easy for her think this way. Others on her team dig into the data to craft their story. So being flexible is key.
  • Interactive dashboards are gaining popularity as part of the reporting mix. Allowing insights “access for all,” as well as flexibility & efficiency are key drivers in using dashboards to distribute information in a timely manner.
  • Data continues to be in silos. Integration continues to be a challenge, and it will take partnering both internally and externally to achieve a goal of having a “single source of intelligence.” Two of our panelists talked about integrating viewpoints from sales and operations to enrich the insights and gain greater organizational buy-in. Others are pushing for greater access to sales and marketing data.

One last point from our panelists. Amy Davies, from Acklands-Grainger said, you have to be passionate about your work and it makes a difference. People take notice of you, your team and the insights.”

May you find inspiration and passion in your work this week!

Many thanks to our panelists: Maelyn Angulo, Manager of CX Strategy, Capital One; Kyle Davies, Director of MR, Brand Brand Loyalty; Amy Davies, Head of Insights, Acklands-Grainger; Lisa de Lima, Associate Director of MR, Loyalty One; and Phil Scrutton, VP of Shopper Insights, BrandsSpark Intl.


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