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Next Generation Market Research Reporting Delivers Flexibility and Choice

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Most companies need to be agile in their reporting and have the flexibility to make changes. Some may think that a tracking study does not change, but it does – and quite a bit. Tracking studies grow incrementally over time, and our online reporting software — Dapresy Pro —   is flexible & nimble enough to accommodate any changes that come your way. In this blog, we would like to share some of our product features along with the benefits they provide.

One of the core features of Dapresy Pro is its dynamic filtering that allows for hundreds of views of data from a small set of key metrics. We find that when our clients set up the proper filters, these will potentially handle 99% of ad hoc data requests. Of course, if there are requests outside the scope of these filters, then Dapresy Pro’s table or chart tool can be used to quickly run the requested data “on the fly.”

In addition, Dapresy Pro has built-in user management tools which enable users to control access rights to individual views and/or subsets of the data. This is ideal for scenarios like distributing reports from a Syndicated study where each user may need to see a different view of the report.

Clients who license Dapresy for their tracker work will typically move much of their ad hoc production to Dapresy. They mention the following reasons for using Dapresy for Ad Hoc production:

API Connectors – Dapresy has API connections to many of the popular survey scripting tools. This allows the raw survey data to seamlessly flow into Dapresy therefore bypassing tedious work like running external cross tables, importing to Excel, cleaning the data, etc. All of this is handled by Dapresy. Analysts can easily produce a simple 10-20 page set of slides in a few hours, export it to PowerPoint, and then add their insights.

No More Proofreading – The raw data is the direct source that is used when creating charts, tables, derived variables and custom calculations. Consequently, transposition errors, which are a big problem when moving data into PowerPoint, are eliminated. An added benefit is that your dashboard reports will automatically refresh themselves with any new wave of data, providing instant access to real-time information. Clients mention this as a significant positive change to their process, and it allows them to free up many resources.

Global Controls – Dapresy provides global controls to allow for simple changes throughout reports. One of the many global control settings is name changes. For example, if a brand name is changed in one place, then it is updated in the entire project. This includes all charts, tables, etc.  With PowerPoint, you need to individually edit each chart and table.

Faster Delivery – Users are able to start working on a project before the close of fieldwork, which greatly improves delivery time. With Dapresy, you can immediately start building the presentation, and then just import the final data once you have it, saving lots of valuable time.

Presentation Replication – The entire process of versioning presentations is automated within Dapresy. Because the system is online and this system feeds all export, you have a “Single Source of Truth” and you can be sure that you are always viewing the most current version of the report. If you have a study where you need to produce, for example, 15 different country versions of a report, the system can automatically output to 15 distinct PPT decks once a basic deck is made.

Our clients tell us they realize a 30-40% savings on data processing and reporting requests – a very impressive ROI! If you would like to learn about the savings you and your team can make, then speak to a Dapresy expert today.

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Nazima joined Dapresy in 2014 as an Account Manager, and has recently joined Dapresy's Marketing Team. She is passionate about our brand and among other responsibilities is the Dapresy Solutions product manager.