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precentile caluculation in Dapresy

TUESDAY TIPS BY THOMAS: Percentile Calculations for Benchmarking

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Dapresy supports percentile calculations on aggregated data. This is especially handy for result benchmarking – allowing you to put results into context.

Below we see a typical example from a CX survey. The trend result of the fictive unit “Unit 1234” is compared to the results of all other units in the company. You’ll notice that the overall company results are divided into four percentile ranges.

Comparing a unit’s performance

It’s quite easy to see that “Unit 1234” under-performs when compared to the other units – it falls in the range of the 2nd lowest quarter in most weeks. This indicates that its performance is below the average. However, it’s not so far below average that the unit hits the bottom quarter.


percentile calculation chart for benchmarking

CHART: Quarterly performance trend per week

Benchmarking results in Dapresy

Percentile comparison is just one of many ways to benchmark results in Dapresy. A wide range of options are available for getting relevant comparisons, allowing you to put results into context. For example, a result could be compared to the “best in class” units. For one organization that could be the top 3 units, for another it could be the top 50. In either case, you could compare to the performance of the top units or even the mean of those top units.

Tuesday Tips by Thomas are prepared by Product Manager Thomas Palmér. He is a long-standing member of Dapresy’s Team and knows our platform inside out. The tips are designed to highlight features in Dapresy that make your market research analysis, insights and reporting even easier.

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