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TUESDAY TIPS BY THOMAS: Precise Chart Rendering

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Easily specify the rendering precision in charts.

You can specify which chart rendering logic should be used when creating your StoryTeller reports in Dapresy. Depending on your needs, you can choose whether the chart render uses full precision or if it’s based on displayed values.

The left chart is rendered by the shown number of decimals, whereas the right is rendered by all decimals (the non-rounded result). This leads to the difference in bar length for Duty Calls and Swedish Telecom in the right chart, even though the displayed result for both is 7%. So, you would use the right version if you prefer more precise rendering.


chart rendering decimals precisely in Dapresy
LEFT CHART: Rendered based on the displayed values.
RIGHT CHART: Rendered using full precision.


This is just one of many settings available, allowing you to truly tailor charts based on your needs.


Tuesday Tips by Thomas are prepared by Product Manager Thomas Palmér. He is a long-standing member of Dapresy’s Team and knows our platform inside out. The tips are designed to highlight features in Dapresy that make your market research analysis, insights and reporting even easier.

Take a look at last week’s Tuesday Tip by Thomas and learn about how to use heatmap tables to visualize differences in results.


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