Current page: QUIRK’S LONDON 2020: What we’re looking forward to most

QUIRK’S LONDON 2020: What we’re looking forward to most

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In anticipation of Quirk’s London…

Quirk’s Marketing Research Review organizes industry events each year at three locations – London, New York, and Chicago. The first of those will be held in just a few weeks! So, we decided to ask our UK team what they’re looking forward to most at Quirk’s London 2020. Take a look at their responses.

P.S. If you’ll be attending, make sure to stop by our booth 621 and attend colleague Ken Brewster‘s presentation “Where all journeys lead: How to report for all stakeholders on a single platform”.


On the lookout for newcomers…

At these events, one of the first things I do is find out who else is exhibiting. In particular, I look out for newcomers who may be promoting cutting edge or niche technology as these guys offer a glimpse into the future. I have a strong interest in the presentations, but unfortunately will be busy working on our stand – Booth 621, pass by and say hello! So, I have to carefully pick 2 or 3 that I may be able to sneak away for.

The ones I have in mind are from Ipsos (Dapresy client and one of my former employers) entitled ‘Trends that shape tomorrow’ and DataExpert (a Dapresy partner company) entitled ‘To make a compelling dashboard’. Finally, of course, this conference gives me the chance to catch up with many old friends in the industry, and hopefully make new ones.

  Ken Brewster, Director, UK  


Catching up with the industry…

Quirk’s London is one of the most important events in the UK market research calendar. I’m looking forward to catching up with old faces at Quirk’s together with meeting and introducing new people to the Dapresy platform and all the benefits that we can provide to market research professionals and their stakeholders.

One thing I count on each year at Quirk’s is to see what new and emerging trends we can expect in the upcoming year and beyond. An interesting trend is automation – I’m excited to see the advances there.

   Marc Chester, Director, UK 


Sessions, sessions, sessions…

Visualizing data in a way that is intuitive and compelling enough for ALL USERS is always a challenge. So, I am especially looking forward to see the insights one of our partners Data Expert will share about their process to present data in an eye-catching way. The session by colleague Ken Brewster and Transport Focus is also super interesting, because they’ve got the unique challenge of having the general public as one of their user groups.

   Iris Weiss, Director, UK 

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