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General FAQs
Who builds the dashboard?

Dapresy’s experienced staff trains your team to create your own custom dashboard report.

Is Dapresy Pro a PowerPoint production system?

Dashboards and reports can be distributed online, enabling user to dynamically filter data visualizations to get the data presentations they require but also downloaded to PowerPoint and PDF, so Dapresy Pro can also be used as an efficient PowerPoint production tool.

Is Dapresy Pro like Tableau, Qlikview and Spotfire?

No. Those are Business Intelligence (BI) tools designed for data mining, not market research.
BI tools just don’t meet the esoteric needs required to work with raw survey data. Only Dapresy Pro offers functionality that spans the entire scope of market research needs. Dapresy Pro is a data presentation system that works directly on respondent level survey data. It can also take the non-survey data output from these business intelligence tools, integrate the datasets and then present this BI data in a dynamic, infographic-based dashboard report. Many Dapresy Pro clients use both.

How much does Dapresy Pro cost?

The pricing module is dependent on many factors, such as how many administrator licenses, report users and projects your company will need. We will work with you to provide a customized pricing package for your company’s specific needs.

Can I automate data updates with Dapresy Pro?

Yes. Data can be automatically updated into Dapresy Pro for trackers and other recurring studies. Specifically designed for market research data, analysts quickly & easily import raw survey data from leading survey platforms via seamless or scheduled FTP uploads or manually. The system works with all major formats; SPSS, Triple-S and Excel and non-survey marketing data imports with ease. If the survey software you use isn’t integrated to Dapresy Pro, it is just as easy to place your data files onto an FTP server. This is automatically scanned by Dapresy Pro and the data flows directly into your dashboard reports. Dapresy Pro offers near real-time reporting with this technique and it requires no manual adjustments in the process.

Can Dapresy Pro integrate multiple data streams including marketing data?

Yes. In addition to working on the raw respondent level survey data, the system can also take in any kind of marketing data; sales, shipments, advertising GRPs & expenditures, social media, etc.

Does Dapresy Pro support hierarchical reporting, which is common in employee and client satisfaction surveys?

Yes. The key to reporting these kinds of surveys is to use the built-in Report User Management Module. This module makes it easy and efficient to create a report per unit in a company with needed benchmark results. The report for an individual team manager can contain benchmark values for his corresponding business unit, business area and the entire company and also contain benchmark values from selected other business areas. Access rights for the company managers can also be connected to the Hierarchical Filter, so the whole process – from the report creation to distributing the result – is very efficient!

I need to add Media spending, GRP and Share of Voice to my brand tracker. Is that possible?

Yes. Dapresy Pro can report all types of data, not just market research data analysis. All data can be imported from different sources and the mapping process between them is easy. The different data types can then be combined in the same dynamic dashboard and even in the same chart, which makes it easy for the user to see the connection between the different data types like advertising awareness and share of voice! By using the advanced calculation options in Dapresy Pro, you do not need to import the Share of Voice data since it can be calculated inside the system with the media spending values as a base.

Can I export my dashboard data to PowerPoint or Excel?

Yes. You can export individual slides from your dashboard into PowerPoint and Excel.

Can Dapresy Pro support our graphics guidelines for reporting?

Yes. Dapresy can meet your graphic corporate guidelines and it is very easy to replicate existing report layouts. Dapresy provides the pixel precision of Photoshop and the flexibility of PowerPoint allowing high-end data visualizations. Dapresy Pro is specialized in visualizing market research and marketing data, so you will find built-in functionality for many of the data visualization tasks you need to use when reporting market research data. Furthermore, you can import your existing PPT template to automatically apply to PPT exports.

Can Dapresy Pro control data and functionality rights by users?

Yes. Dapresy Pro has deep controls for data and functionality rights. A typical dashboard can be distributed to the entire organization with views for management, marketing, sales, product management, etc. For example, analysts use the Cross Table Tool, managers get PowerPoint and C-Level views a metrics based online dashboard. Online reporting provides comprehensive access rights and dynamic filters allow for hundreds of views of the data.

What makes Dapresy Pro better than continuing to use PowerPoint? And Excel?

PowerPoint is a great presentation tool, but it is not an efficient way to report data. A typical tracking study reported with PowerPoint can easily run into hundreds of slides. Dapresy Pro makes building PowerPoint slides obsolete. Analysts work directly from the raw data files within a Dapresy Pro dynamic dashboard and all custom dashboard pages are seamlessly built from these data. Analysts work on the raw data files so there are no data input or transposition errors. New data is automatically imported and dashboards refresh themselves for real-time access. With Dapresy Pro, you can easily export slides into PowerPoint presentations. Weighting, meta data cleaning, computing variables, net creation, indexes and more – 100’s of built-in features eliminate work arounds. These changes populate throughout the system eliminating the manual work required to update PPT decks – they are literally updated with the push of a button.

Dapresy Pro accepts the raw respondent level survey data and users then work directly on the data which eliminates the time consuming, tedious transcription into PowerPoint or Excel. You can also run tables instantly, so there is no need for data processing to run Cross Tabs. In fact, many users eliminate the cost (if using outside vendors) to create cross tabs prior to reporting. Dapresy Pro has a complete built –in Cross Table Tool. Our clients have reported up to 40% saving in production time using Dapresy Pro.

Can Dapresy Pro help better communicate the results from our online business intelligence tools to our employees and stakeholders?

Yes. Dapresy Pro sits as a layer on top of your existing BI infrastructure. BI tools use “widget based” reporting. Dapresy Pro facilitates visually engaging reporting using our built-in image library combined with our “free form” data placement. This allows an infinite variety of data visualizations to support customer journeys and other non-traditional data views.

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