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Ensuring Your Success

We offer comprehensive training
and on-going support

At Dapresy we understand the tight deadlines associated with market research reporting and the need for timely help. As a user of Dapresy Pro, we offer a number of support options that can quickly answer your questions.

Account Manager

Your account manager ensures your on-going success

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Onboarding Team

Our team supports your adoption of Dapresy Pro and reporting processes

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Our Helpdesk provides fast front-line support with specific answers on the usage of Dapresy Pro

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Knowledge Base

Dapresy Pro’s technical documentation – Knowledge Base – is easily accessed within the platform

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Customer Training & Onboarding

Before you get started, we will assign you an experienced account manager to ensure your onboarding success and provide on-going support.

Dapresy University – Learn Before We Meet In Person

Dapresy is a powerful software tailored to the specific needs of a market researcher. The platform provides an intuitive user interface, but supplemental training is needed to fully exploit all of the powerful features. Dapresy University provides online training – taken at your own pace – to quickly “get you going” using Dapresy Pro. The 22 courses take you step by step thru all the parts of the software. Once completed, you will be able to create online Dashboards on the same level as if they were custom programmed by developers and design experts.

Onsite Training To Learn More

Once you have completed Dapresy University, we will provide a two-day training (typically onsite) tailored to your business needs. The first part of the training includes a review the online training, and answer any questions the team might have. We’ll then move on to discussing how to best apply Dapresy Pro to your specific reporting needs.

The onsite customized training is typically focused on a real project you want to build in Dapresy Pro. We review your objectives, look at data, discuss how to think when it comes to reporting in Dapresy Pro and identify what modules to use. This helps guarantee a quick understanding of the full potential of Dapresy Pro.

Let’s Get Specific

In addition to our Dapresy University and Onsite Trainings, we also offer customized specific training sessions covering a very specific use case. These trainings can be online with screen sharing or onsite or a combination. Example of specific trainings we can provide based on your needs are, how to:

  • apply multiple weights in the reports for a multi country brand tracking
  • use the default functionality in Dapresy Pro calculate NPS
  • use the built-in data recoding tool in Dapresy Pro
  • deal with local brand lists when reporting global reports
  • set up access rights automatically based on organizational charts
  • connect external data (like Adobe Omniture) to your Market Research Reports
  • set up forms that allows report viewers to enter data back into the reports sharing findings and recommendations

Help Desk

Our Help Desk support is your long-term partner for day-to-day questions. Once onboarded, Dapresy Pro Administrators have free access to our Help Desk. Our support is staffed by a team of Dapresy Pro experts that have a background in market research. We are available from 8 AM CET to 11 PM CET 5 days a week. Outside these hours, our local teams in North America, Germany, UK, Sweden and Australia, are available to help with urgent requests.

Marlies Jansen

Marlies Jansen

Head of support

“I have a master in Business Economics and I worked with other market research reporting platforms for about 15 years. Our goal is for you to experience a high level of market research-oriented support. My team works hard to understand your specific questions and to help you with relevant answers. We look forward to working with you!”

– Marlies

Examples of Support Questions:

  1. I’m trying to import my data file, but I get this message. [Duplicated answer alternative]. It is great Dapresy Pro discovered this error in my data. What is best way to solve this?
  2. I want to change the color of the line in my chart depending on my selected filter option. How can I do this?
  3. I need to export my report to PDF. How do I enable that?
  4. I need to change the PPT template for my project. How do I do that?
  5. How do I change the passwords for my users?
  1. I need to add additional data for my respondents. How do I do that?
  2. I need to show a significance test in my table. What type of Significance test can I do and how can I show it?
  3. How can I hide certain variables for our users in the Cross Table module?
  4. I need to automatically import the data for our project every day. How can I do that?
  5. Can I export the data I have imported to our project?
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