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Our timely webinars cover a wide variety of topics to help you make your presentations the best they can be. Topics span technical issues, deployment strategies, best practices and more.

Adding real business value with dashboards

Successful dashboard implementation in market research Now an important part of everyday market research, dashboards enable the efficient handling of data – but what makes a successful dashboard? Which concepts are best suited for your study type? What are the potential preferences of your market research customers? In this webinar we’ll show how market research […]

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Is your audience truly engaged with the insights you are sharing? Are these reports effectively answering marketing or customer objectives? Are the results making an impact on your business? If not, then you’re not achieving the full ROI on the research you are conducting.

Are you challenged with how to process data more efficiently and visualize more clearly in order to facilitate faster & better business decisions? See how Turnkey Intelligence has revolutionized their dashboard reporting — utilizing Dapresy Pro — to create more value for their customers.

Creating an effective and engaging dashboard can be a challenge. What are your objectives and what data do you need to ensure a successful roll-out? Watch this 60-minute informational webinar to learn five new strategies that you can apply to your next market research project.

Are you stuck reporting your research findings in PowerPoint? Are your clients asking for new and innovative ways to deliver insights? Are your reports basic or not visually appealing? If you want to take your reporting to the next level, then watch this highly informative, free webinar. Koski Research and a number of their clients have embraced dashboards to visually improve report delivery and enhance insights.

Are your reports dull and lacking in achieving impact? Are you creating insights that encourage the business users to take action? Are you challenged with telling the story — all within one key graphic? Learn how to move beyond charts and graphs, and into the territory of the storytelling infographic.

WEBINAR: How to Grow Your Business Using CXRegister