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Simplicity Meets Power – leveraging technology for business value

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About Populus Data Solutions

Populus Data Solutions (PDS) provides state-of-the-art data capture and delivery solutions to market research clients and enterprises working with market research data – all through solutions that remain true to the ethos of robust survey research. PDS is a part of the high-profile UK-based market research and polling organization, Populus.

The Challenge

PDS’s clients were increasingly looking for portals and interactive online dashboards that could be continually refreshed with the latest data, allowing them to view and interrogate the data to generate meaningful insights. It was essential that the clients (who are not specialists in data or analytics) could use these dashboards as a part of their everyday business management and decision-making.

Chris Atkins, Managing Director at PDS, had found that although many software products could create dashboards, they lacked the processing power to effectively operate such tasks as significance testing or running rim weights.

“The demands we face are constantly evolving. Every client has their own unique set of needs. The chief difficulty we had was to be able to interrogate data.” Chris Atkins, Managing Director, PDS.

A major client who had been running a tracking survey wanted a portal for both historical and new data, for their product managers to use directly. It became clear that new software was required that satisfied both the client’s presentational demands and possessed the technical data processing capabilities that PDS would need to prepare the data for presentation.

The Solution

PDS selected Dapresy Pro to deliver this first client portal, and has subsequently gone on to deliver 40 different dashboards to as many clients, all using different capabilities within Dapresy Pro.

“There were four things we liked in the product,” explains Chris, “the data repository, the cross tab solution, the infographic solution and the charting solution. Other tools tend to focus either on the visual, or the data processing nuts and bolts. With Dapresy you have both in one box.”

“We just don’t have issues with the software,” Chris reports. “The data is pre-populated and the system is totally efficient if it has been built by Dapresy. It allows you to manipulate very large amounts of data – both historical and fresh.”

As a result of implementing Dapresy solutions, Chris has seen people at every level of his client’s organizations making better use of research data for themselves. He attributes this to the power of visual reporting and presentation in making data more accessible.

What’s Next?

As to where he intends to take Dapresy next, “That is driven entirely by our clients,” he says. “But I am confident that we will be able to respond, because – to their credit – Dapresy has shown they are willing and capable of rising to whatever challenges we have presented.”

Outcomes Achieved

  • 40 interactive online dashboards each for different clients with different requirements all successfully provided using Dapresy Pro
  • Visual presentation of data has become the norm when providing access to decision makers and end-users of data
  • Every new presentation challenge has been met with a solution within Dapresy
  • Individuals at all levels empowered to use data for themselves.
  • Prestigious national award won for a Voice of the Customer program delivered using a Dapresy data portal

Cutting-Edge Data Visualization Solutions

In this video Chris Atkins and Darren Sack – Data Visualisation Manager – talk about their work with Dapresy.


Check out how some of our other clients have had success with Dapresy here.

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