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Smarter distribution of customer data. Be selective – add value

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We live in the era of big data, gathering more and more information about customer habits, likes/dislikes, and trends. The challenge is “What do we do with it all?”.

Thinking in straight lines
Traditionally, data has been distributed by either focusing on a single study optimized for a specific use, or, distributing the data to various users across an organization. The single study delivery typically gives “everyone everything” but this becomes a challenge when distributing to a larger group. Most people do not need “everything” which necessitates the need for multiple versions of the report. And, these multiple reporting versions become tedious, time consuming, error prone when being delivered in traditional PowerPoint.

Thinking in 3D
The solution? Selectivity through user access rights. Market Research specific reporting tools allow all data to be universally available but distributed and tailored to the recipient’s needs. Customer service teams might want granular access to customer survey feedback, while C-level executives might want the bigger picture of performance against benchmark KPIs. These two very different audience reporting draw from the same dataset (eliminating data transposition errors associated with PPT versioning) but can be presented in a way that is specifically relevant to the end-user, enabling them to draw rapid, actionable conclusions.

To get the right information to the right people at the right time, you need a tool purpose built for MR reporting. Why not find out if Dapresy Pro is the answer you’ve been looking for?

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